Head of Soccer APK 5.2

Head of Soccer APK 5.2
  • the last Soccer APK head was released in new version 5.2. When talking about the mobile game app, there is no doubt that there are so many options that are available today on various platforms. Of course, people will be able to find many games for Android smartphones, and people can choose the game that suits their interests. If people have interest about sports like football game, there must be so many game options of great football where people can find for their Android device including head Soccer for Android. Of course people will be able to enjoy the game of football that comes with oneness.

    the most unique thing of this game is the character who has a big head. The player will play a kind of game that is in a space inside. That's why the ball rebound to anywhere in space. It's not kind of common football game which will be played in this game because the player character will be bruised and bleeding because the character needs to do something to catch the ball on opposing it even with the nose of the player.

    character who has a big head is one thing, but it is something else that people can customize the character they play. Player will be able to perform various types of special moves when the power, rage and energy bar is full. However, this does not mean that players can be reckless because the shoots can jump so that players should avoid their stem can reach their goal. It's probably a brilliant game that is very easy to learn. Downloaded the application can be done very quickly as well and people will be able to enjoy the game for a long time. This game is also available for multiplayer via Bluetooth and internet play.

    characteristics of head Soccer 5.2 APK for Android
    • various Avatars & Shot special Unique 60!
    • 5 game mode (Arcade, tournament, Survial, League, Cup head)
    • online via Google Multiplayer Play Service
    • physics-based gameplay (Box2d)
    • present Facebook
    Head Soccer Screenshot 1
  • head Soccer APK 5.2 latest Version

    • has added 2 new characters.
  • soccer 2D game


    apps kept very simple goes with shooting and special moves. Also the upgrades and costumes to swap between. Nice games fast 1 minute. Very addictive!

Head Soccer APK

Developer: Dream D & D Version: 5.2 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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