King of thieves APK 2.13

King of thieves APK 2.13
  • King of thieves APK 2.13 is now available to you. There are people who love to play various games with their android smartphone or devices. Every day we find new games that we can play for free. You who like a simple game for your android device, you can try to play this game. Before you download this game, it is good to check the detailed information about this game. What is it? This is a game where all players must control the cute little thief who aims to steal all the treasures with weapons. This thief will end with the weapon, and his weapon is his agility.

    there are a lot of people download this game because of some reasons. This game is very simple to play. You as the main character of this game need to move in a straight line. You have to jump and you need to press screen on your android device. You can go again and spring in the opposite direction. You can change the direction when you pass each level. There are 80 levels in this game and you need to show your ability to jump and dodge the traps.

    King of thieves is a fun game and can be played by all children even people. You can choose your character and you can get the reward that you can use to pass the level. There are some innovative elements that you can find in this game. You can also create your own level. You can download this game for free. This game is classified as a strategy game, and this game is made in English and 44 languages more.

    characteristics of the King of thieves 2.13 APK for Android
    • steal shiny things. Collect gold and gems of other players to become the richest thief in the world!
    • DEFEND YOUR BOOTY. Design your dungeons and watch the other robbers enter your traps. Muhaha!
    • CLAIM THE THRONE. Compete with other players from around the world, leaving rivals on the bottom of the rankings.
    • GET RUSE. Create new outfits for your character. More clever thieves should look really cool!
    • TRAVEL AND EXPLORE. Test your agility through 80 levels Singlemode or plunge into the underground world of user generated content.
    • CREATE AND JOIN GUILDS. Find reliable allies to oppose hostile guilds of thieves!
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  • King of thieves APK 2.13 latest Version

    • profile. To learn more about the friends and guildmates!
    • RANKINGS. Find out how you are doing compared to other players. Get ready to get to the top!
    • SUBSCRIPTION. Get an opportunity to move more quickly and access exclusive costumes.
    • SHARE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Tell your friends about your skills and gems.
    • NEW COSTUMES. New, elegant, perfectly tailored suits await you. Dress the way you like and try to collect them all!
  • apps comments

    this game is one of the cool guys how you can create your own Dungeon and I feel like the game is also about timing and patience patience certainly.

King of Thieves APK

Developer: ZeptoLab Version: 2.13 condition: varies with device price: free


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