LINE Let's Get Rich APK 1.6.2

LINE Let's Get Rich APK 1.6.2
  • line Let's Get Rich APK arrives with his new version 1.6.2. Spend a nice time every day is kind of a good thing to do. All people want to get the nice to do to relax their mind of nudity. Especially for people who have a busy daily schedule to work then, they feel stressed if they do not receive enough remodel. To do this, it is important for you to give little time to refresh your brain by playing game. Play game is more interesting to do, one of the games that you can do is line Let's Get Rich for Android. Nowadays, technology has been developed in a very modern way. As a Smartphone which has many popular people use this kind of phone as a means of communication every day such as the conduct of affairs and many others. In fact, you can get excited to make your android phone thing, it's game let's get rich. So what will you fist to play this game?

    the first thing to do for you is to install itself in your telephone line. To install it is not a difficult thing because just open the game store to get the application to install on your phone. After installation, then you can star opened the line and start playing, we're going to get rich. It will be something simple and relaxing to play anyway.

    to play Let's Get Rich for Android, simply roll the dice. You can see the way to make money with your family and friends out there. This game fun and happy don't will require you to spend money in real life, but you can get the scope in the game whenever you want. Easy right? What do you do? Let's get rich by installing the line.

    Let's Get Rich 1.6.2 APK for Android features
    • this game packs all the thrill of being a real estate mogul - just don't go bankrupt!
    • travel the world - when you are finished with this, Manager of space!
    • make what you can when you can.
    • change the card game of Chance
    • now, 7 cards to fill your satisfaction: map of the world, Map(Indonesia Map) Thai, space map, map of theme park, adventure, Battlefield map and the most recent map a "Zombie map!
    • play with your friends for an even more exciting adventure!
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  • LINE Let's Get Rich APK 1.6.2 Latest Version

    • bug fixes
  • Apps comments

    it's a very good game, especially if you play with your friends and family and I love it. Its been an old did not play monopoly! Back with this game! Thumbs up for the developer of the game.

LINE Let's Get Rich APK

Developer: LINE Corporation Version: 1.6.2 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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