Pokemap APK 1.31 Live

Pokemap APK 1.31 Live

Pokemap Live - find Pokemon by Skiplagged APK has been updated so you can download the latest version 1.31. This application has been developed by Skiplagged to help the Pokémon go hang out to capture monsters. These applications are also pretty easy to use, once downloaded, we can open the app and we'll see card with some information that is easy to understand. To find the Pokemon in your current place of residence, tap the location icon in the top right corner on this application and this app will detect the GPS and then has started to digitize monsters.

We can also include accounts you need to get more precise localization and monsters. But in my opinion, it is better not to use our main account to our account security. But the developers of this game, Skiplagged, claiming they never record your account on the server. If we still feel unsure, we can use the new account. By using the new account, the application will continue to function normally.

In this app we get information, we can see disappear times. I think it's common features that is available on many applications. We can also see the monsters on the other sites, for example, not only on your current position, but also on the areas you want to know. Pokemap Live has function of the route and this is my favorite feature. When you type the monster, there is the route button. He will show us the way to the location of the monster on the Google map. If we can go instead of Pokemon easily.

Characteristics of the Pokemap of the 1.31 for Android APK Live
  • In real time of the monsters for the map
  • Simply launch the application and you will see a live crowdsourced map of all Pokémon
  • Time disappear
Pokemap APK 1.31 Live latest Version
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Apps comments
This app allows me to find easily the Pokémon. I can get monsters on my place of current residence or also on another location. The app shows the data in real time, tracks smothly and works great on my device. But this app shows just disappear name time and Pokémon, there is no more information on the Pokémon. Overall, it's a great tool for the Pokémon trainer.

Pokemap Live APK
Developer: Skiplagged Version: 1.31 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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