Tahu Bulat APK 6.0.2

Tahu Bulat APK 6.0.2
  • Tahu Bulat APK is now available in the latest version 6.0.2. This game is developed by own games, claiming to be inspired by the typical dishes of Tasikmalaya. This game has received a positive response from users of android and now it is very popular in Indonesia. You are invited to manage the business of the food sector Tahu Bulat, sell directly through the van. How to play this game is quite simple, simply touch the screen to encourage consumers to buy your food. A bit reminds me the gameplay Lemonade Tycoon, in this game, we are also invited to mix foods to be more delicious when served to guests.

    Although there is no indicator that shows the level of satisfied customers during the purchase of our diet, since the smile they give, they seem quite happy. The money you receive can be reinvested, ranging from upgrades to purchase the vehicle you use to sell around, bought a new tent and others to speed up the arrival of buyers and value added to the food you make. In addition to simple, the UI that are served by this game is very interesting.

    by disguising the name and flag of the Indonesia, players will be able to easily find the origin of inspiration. Another feature is the ability to customize the appearance of the game with game time. The sky and surrounding objects will be changed during the night. For those who love simple games that do not want a lot of action while playing, this game is just for you.

    Tahu Bulat 6.0.2 APK for Android features
    • sale tahu bulat easily: just tap on the screen
    • Set - your business, invest the benefits
    • Enhance equipment to cook and sell
    • Raise quality tahu bulat
    • replace the car and give props to attract buyers
    • promote the company tahu bulat brought a new kind of buyer!
    • fever know, get double benefit
    • ranking, being the best!
    • achievements!
    • Google Cloud Save
    Tahu Bulat Screenshot 1
  • Tahu Bulat APK 6.0.2 latest Version

    • fixing Bug
  • Apps comments

    the gameplay are simple, and yet, she is addicted to play again and again, graphics are very good, BGM and SFX are brilliant. I really like this game.

Tahu Bulat APK

Developer: own games Version: 6.0.2 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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