APK AppLock 2.16.3

APK AppLock 2.16.3
  • AppLock APK brings new version 2.16.3, which offers better performance. When we get with our friends, they usually borrow our mobile phone. Either it is used to check our gallery or use the camera to take selfies. If you are one of those whose friends are like this, you must double-check whether your personal data can be seen by your friends or not. If you have some private data that no one should know, you can fix it with Applock. The sophistication of the device today can be set for users, in case anyone else wants to know the file content/private its smartphone. And now Android has released a new application to record your personal data securely.

    this is an application that works like a key lock to ensure some data or applications on Android. It's easy enough to use for the beginner who wants to hide some important data. Other use of this app is that it can protect and automatically lock the application that you want to hide. In case a friend you can see, this can help you keep the secret on your phone. It is already available on Playstore and can be downloaded for free. You need not be afraid to lose your private data or demand. Your friend, your smartphone of borrowing will be difficult to find your secret on your phone.

    there is so many good features provided by Applock, some can hide the photos or videos, you can also key secret lock you desired, that is not easily guessed by your friends. Remember to always remember the theme of lock pattern you created. It can also lock some application like Facebook, Gmail, SMS, calls, Contacts, Gallery, market and other applications you want to hide. Interestingly, the things you can do with this app is that you can change the icon so others cannot find the application that is actually installed on your phone. And of course, it's only you who can see after entering the code for certain touchscreen Android.

    characteristics of the APK for Android 2.16.3 AppLock
    • protects all apps using the password or pattern
    • Photo Vault, photos hide
    • video Vault, hide videos
    • customize background, set your favorite photo
    • themes
    • cover
    • fake profiles, easy to change the locks
    • plus
    AppLock Screenshot 1
  • AppLock APK 2.16.3 latest Version

    • new release page
  • Apps comments

    works perfectly.] I like the ability to activate the mode where you say that the app crashed to disguise the lock. The only problem is that if you have battery saving on it sometimes lets in apps locked without the password. Other than that, it works fine.

AppLock APK

Developer: DoMobile Lab Version: 2.16.3 condition: varies with device price: free


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