APK Tank.IO 1.2.2

APK Tank.IO 1.2.2
  • Tank.io APK has been updated to version 1.2.2. It's an arcade game which is developed by Tapto. In this game, you run a tank to defeat the enemies in battle arenas. You will get the unique shape of the tanks, a red circle with Canon and seems very simple. Well, unlike the shape tanks than we imagine but this game is very addictive. This game is a very simple game, but there are some features which will give you always want to play the game.

    as slither.io, at the beginning of the game you will be asked to write your name. From level 1 and 0 score, you can't hit an obstacle in the arena because it will reduce your HP. In addition, you must also avoid the other tanks. We could have pulled on the obstacles that exist in the arena and you'll get more levels. Each level, we can update the tank capabilities that we have. You can update from HP, power, speed, defend, etc. by pressing the button at the top left side.

    , we can also update form of cannons on the tank so that it becomes more powerful if we have 10 levels. Control of tank.io for Android is very easy, on the left, there is a virtual controller to the tank of the car. While on the side right, the virtual controller is used to direct the fire of guns.

    characteristics of the Tank.io 1.2.2 APK for Android
    • defeat enemy tanks.
    • upgrade your tank.
    • 16 different types of tanks so far, more to come.
    • expand your skills in this game of strategy tankio.
    Tank.io Screenshot 1
  • Tank.io APK 1.2.2 latest Version

    • new Exp Hexagon
    • level Max 70
    • 10, 25, 40 tank Upgrade
    • 2 new Stat (defense) (Ram damage)
    • Protection before level 10 (enemies move slower and slower attack)
    • Sniper
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  • Apps comments

    this It is a great game. Graphics are good, the gameplay is good, and the community is fun to play with. But this game does not tell you what each symbol for the average of the updates, I thought that most of them, but I do not understand the difference between the heart and the shield, they are both health? and I do not know what is the refresh one, perhaps charge? All in all, the great game.

Tank io APK

Developer: TapTo Version: 1.2.2 condition: 3.1 and upwards price: free


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