Battle Bay APK 1.1.7741

Battle Bay APK 1.1.7741
  • I share so it is new game from Rovio battle Bay APK latest version 1.1.7741. Rovio among best mobile games developers won't be left behind in the online multiplayer game. After the glory and Royal clash a lot of success with their PvP gameplay, the creator of Angry Birds has recently created a game called battle Bay, which have the same multiplayer functionality online in real time. This game introduced the notion of PvP, which is similar to a shooting game online on the mobile platform such as Afterpulse. The difference is, Afterpulse invites players to served as a soldier, then this game will put you as captain who ran in the battlefield.

    shoot out ships action in the game quite difficult due to the presence of the waves crashing constantly battlefield. The dynamics of water up and down is able to provide temporary protection from enemy attack ships or boats you control exposes an easy target, depending on how skillfully you navigate. Battle 5 vs 5 system. You will join a faction against an enemy fleet in a Bay. The team that first destroyed all enemy ships will be the winner.

    the ship that you control can be equipped with various types of weapons. You can equip your ship with cannons, torpedoes, until the rocket launcher. In addition, you can also rent a crew that will improve the ability of specific ships, depending on the type of the crew have been recruited. Not very different from the other freemium game, will give you the opportunity to strengthen the arms and buy different types of ships that have unique characteristics of each. Upgrade of the system in the Bay of the battle is done by collecting and exchange of a number of pieces obtained every battle ends. You can also exchange the IPA to get instantly parts.

    characteristics of battle Bay 1.1.7741 APK for Android
    • five on five contest of maritime strategy and fire power
    • the exciting competition of a battle arena to the team directly on your mobile device
    • join a fleet of allies and take on competitors in the world
    Battle Bay Screenshot 1
  • battle Bay APK 1.1.7741 latest Version

    • Fixed several crash bugs
    • improved Guild features
    • balancing weapons and hit points
    • various settings and patches
  • Apps comments

    this game is great! So much fun! Beautiful environments, characters, ships. 5 vs 5 PVP online!

Battle Bay APK

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd., Version: 1.1.7741 condition: 4.1 and upward price: free


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