Car Turbo Racing 3D APK 1.8

Car Turbo Racing 3D APK 1.8
  • one of the racing games, which will be the new special game for you, is the 3D APK 1.8 Turbo Racing car. It's a nice game with the special surface in its display. With the big game, you will have the special control there. This game will be effective to accompany you when you are waiting for something. You will have the visuals to breathtaking and amazing tracks, which will give new experiences for you. However, you can also embellish your car with nine different colors here. Then, to unlock the car, you will be the winner of each challenge. Really, it will give the big challenge in your play time.

    Nice information is that this game will be ready for any type of android OS version! Well, you all won't be easy to download. On the other hand, the size of the game also depends on the version of the android operating system version. This game is free to download, but to have a few special products inside this game to increase your performance, you need to prepare some payments.

    well, according to the explanation above, you can see that this game will be a beautiful new wish list for you. With Turbo Car Racing 3D, you will have the new sensation by playing the racing game. Here, it is important for you to keep updated of it to have the best version and performance.

    characteristics of the Turbo Car Racing 3D 1.8 APK for Android
    • Visual effects with breathtaking and amazing titles
    • earn money to unlock and upgrade 8 vehicles high performance
    • choose your favorite colors with 9 choice of paint
    • customize your cars to 9 different types of wheels
    Turbo Car Racing 3D Screenshot 1
  • car Turbo Racing 3D APK 1.8 latest Version

    fixed some minor problems for Android TV.

  • apps comments

    this is a very addictive game. I love it and look forward to future updates. New places to go would be very nice.

Turbo Car Racing 3D APK

Developer: TerranDroid Version: 1.8 condition: varies with device price: free


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