Digimon heroes APK 1.0.19

Digimon heroes APK 1.0.19
  • Digimon heroes APK 1.0.19 is now available for free. Digimon is one of the many titles anime who do not receive their share of the mobile game, although once, we repeatedly find other versions of the game console. Although relatively rare, at least this year Digimon will animate a list of the latest mobile games through Digimon Linkz and also the Digimon heroes! If you imagine game monster breeding activities are interspersed with struggle as Pokemon, so you must be slightly lowered expectations for the Digimon Namco Bandai game. Why? Well, because the heroes of Digimon brings casual games that focus on the action of collecting "Monster card" rather than maintain monsters like in the previous game. Through this game, you play as a monster of collector in the digital world 'File Island', that had plagued the long war between monsters.

    as elected, your job is to show these evil monsters who was the most powerful through match 3 Puzzle & Dragons style. Although the line is equal to Puzzle & Dragons, but here the object that you have attached the card form with a variety of sculpture runes on it. Each rune representing a particular element, which would trigger a monster your capabilities when the card is matched.

    about 12 locations you must match in order to attack cards. Minimum in each round shuffle, you should be able to do one or two attacks before re - randomize the process, because that otherwise the enemy begins to slowly decrease your life. Just like the match 3 puzzle game with RPG on the other elements, the activity of collecting and combining to become characters stronger will attend a routine that often find you here. Although the game is fairly generic, fortunately Digimon Heroes! decorated with background music is pretty cool, so I think the boredom of this kind of game can be a bit of background noise are reduced to a minimum thanks to the passion.

    characteristics of the Digimon 1.0.19 APK for Android hero
    • a strategic ACTION
    • SIMPLE and collect your DIGIMON preferred
    • DIGIFUSE, other forms, and LIMIT BREAK
    • epic battles and special events
    Digimon Heroes Screenshot 1
  • Digimon heroes APK 1.0.19 latest Version

    • performance improvements!
    • improvement of server connection!
    • visual enhancements more!
    • and other important fixes.
  • apps comments

    A simple, fun and quick pace card game. The game is very similar to the uno to match the colors and numbers. I hope I can get some of my favorite digimon.

Digimon Heroes APK

Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. Version: 1.0.19 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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