• ETERNITY WARRIORS 4 APK for Android arrives with the current version 1.3.0. Given the kind of the game battle in your smartphone will be ideal to enjoy your free time. There are some aspects of fighting games which can be your consideration to feel at the hostel of the real battle your phone. Sort of the best fighting game which can be your choice. Well, this game is special through the real sense of it. Before installing the game, we will talk about below. First thing that can be your consideration of ETERNITY WARRIORS 4 for Android here is master them the unique skills. Given the high quality in your character will be nice you because you will be able to defeat your enemy more easily.

    in this case, you can upgrade the weapon and also the skills of your character by purchasing some items. Choose the types of the elements and change your character. Some items are not free. To increase the sense of playing your game, here the game will upgrade the weekly event! Well, with the new types of the events of the game, you will be able to have the new meaning in your game playing.

    on the other hand, the new sense of new events here also will be able to increase your skills. Try to win all sorts of the event and you will be a new legend! This game with 4.3 side is free to download via the game shop. In this case, you need approximately 244 MB of free storage to install it. For you who want to install this game, you must have version android 3.0 or more. However, you will pay some items when you want to have the full version of this ETERNITY WARRIORS 4 for Android.

    characteristics of ETERNITY WARRIORS 4 1.3.0 APK for Android
    • tons of epic LOOT
    • master UNIQUE skills
    • fighting PVP
    • guilds
    • events evolving
    ETERNITY WARRIORS 4 Screenshot 1
  • ETERNITY WARRIORS 4 APK 1.3.0 latest Version

    • Spring Festival World Boss - The Monkey King himself comes to Urania to challenge its greatest warriors! Jump in to the fray to earn special rewards!
    • spring Festival Guild bumps - Summon and battle with the new boss Silver or Golden Lion for a chance to win a special prize!
    • new gear - all new weapons and armor will be available during the holidays by making offerings to the God of War!
    • gift bag event - during the Spring Festival players can complete Guild quests to win special gift bags!
  • critical applications

    Love the graphics and the game is very good.


Developer: glue Version: 1.3.0 condition: 3.0 and upward price: free


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