Google keep APK

Google keep APK
  • Google keep APK was released and the new version is In modern times, android has been popular phone that is in the hand of the people for their activity. Get important application should also be noticed by helping people on their activity. Referring to this, people can get the app which can help people to remind them of their important note. Note in this one is like the thought, time, place, etc. which can be used for people in their android. People will have more benefits when they can install the application as in this case, they will have something that can automatically remind them as a memo.

    voice is available in it so that if people forget their event this application will remind them by voice to Android. The transcript can be found in this one to remind people about their events. People can also a photo, a poster or other document content with easy to browse. Keep Google Android will also facilitate people to catch the list of agendas that can be shared for their family and friends, so that people don't worry about their events when they have this request.

    the note that can be made by people through this is like note, list or photo in the application. This may be useful if people are rushed to register their events or programs. In addition, people can also colorize their note when they have this Dungeon of Google for Android. The color in this one will be the best sign or code to note so that people can run their business properly. In addition, people will be as simple to find their content if the need to look for the note in their android. It is also to help people for a list of the store when they need to buy for cooking.

    characteristics of the Dungeon of Google APK for Android
    • add notes, lists, and pictures to Google Keep. Pressed for time? Record a voice memo and Keep you transcribe so you can find it later.
    • plan easily this surprise party by sharing your notes to keep up with the others and their collaboration in real time.
    • color and add labels to the code notes quickly organize and go in your life. If you need to find something that you saved, a simple search will turn it upwards.
    • keep working on your portable phone, computer and Android tablet. Anything you add syncs across your devices so that your thoughts are always with you.
    • need to remember to pick up some shopping? Set a reminder, Geolocation, shoot to the top of your grocery list of right when you get to the store.
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  • Google keep APK latest Version

    • Autocategorized note make sure you are looking for your thoughts still more easy
    • bug fixes and improvements of performance
  • Apps comments

    the novelty of the design is well done and better than most of the other applications that have the same functionality.

Google Keep APK

Developer: Google Inc. Version: condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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