In the 2.3.2

In the 2.3.2
  • in the dead APK 2.3.2 is a game for the platform Android and iOS. The game is developed by PikPok and he came out early December 2012. Basically, this game is something to kill the zombie. And we know that nowadays there is so many games with zombie theme. Well, this game is almost as same as other games with the zombie theme. This game has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by 4 stars to 5 stars by users of iOS and Android users. In this article, I'll give short reviews of this game which was something viral lately. For you who do not play this game and yet you get on the right page, dude!

    the first scene of this game can be presented as a quite different game than others. You will not encounter the intro scene, CGI cutscenes, comic strip panels settings, even just a text for the intro. So, just after you hit the "Start" button, then you need ready in a few minutes to go on the road and feel the adventure in zombie land, we could say that. So if you suddenly hear some noises and moans in guttural voice, something like that, it means that the game is over. Give three taps, then you already on the last checkpoint.

    in the short term, you will find your first weapon which is a small pistol. To get a few extra balls, you must first unlock certain items. You can also buy other weapons. But of course, when buying, you do purchase though. You will get will disappoint because the pixels of the screen are all good. You can download the game to the game (Android) and iTunes store until you play. Then we'll play the game of in the dead for Android!

    characteristics in dead 2.3.2 APK for Android
    • Intense gameplay with stunning visual effects & sound representing a
    • dark zombie apocalypse
    • unlock an arsenal of powerful weapons and benefits to help you stay alive
    • Missions and minigoals offer constant challenges to overcome
    • tablets supported
    • challenge your friends to beat your high scores
    • updates continued to deliver new ways features and content
    Into the Dead Screenshot 1
  • in the Dead APK 2.3.2 latest Version

    • a clearer explanation of why the permissions are required when the game starts
    • Google game Leaderboard Services and achievements
    • new weapons upgrades for more fire power!
    • M300 Combat Shotgun: longer-range
    • BL68 submachine gun: more damage and more ammo
    • MW - 30 Grenade: more big breath
    • RH - 25 Minigun: faster
    • spin-up
    • new supported languages: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, Latin American Spanish, Russia
  • Apps comments

    the game is as temple run but you move sideways shooting and blow stuff!

Into the Dead APK

Developer: PIKPOK Version: 2.3.2 condition: varies with device price: free


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