JOOX music APK 2.5

JOOX music APK 2.5
  • music APK JOOX has been updated to version 2.5. What kind of mood that we have, the music is the best friend to make the time to rethink the role. Here, when you want to enjoy various kind of music in a simple way, you must install the JOOX music for android. This application is really cool application that will provide streaming music. You can enjoy it by the presence of internet connection on your phone, and there will be plenty of music waiting for you in the playlist. There are many features that are given to you in this app. First, there will be more than millions of track for music that you can enjoy by yourself many parts world. You will also have recommendations for the selection of every type of song you want to hear. For example, there is a playlist that will offer songs for broken-hearted, gay times, more songs motivating and selections that can be fitted with the atmosphere you have on this day there.

    then you can also have its features offline to combat bad internet connections. Download music from JOOX application provides features for the music you want to hear so that you can hear it offline too. This offline mode will save you when you want to listen to your favorite music in the middle of nowhere where the internet signal is nothing else than the myth. Then, you can also share your favorite songs with the function of sharing in WeChat you can share your joy or your mood with other friends of the song.

    this is the greatness that is provided by JOOX music for android. Now, music is always ready to put a smile on your face and your day dark lights. You may not experience boredom and you out of the blue of loneliness because the JOOX will be ready to provide you with the pleasant companion of the singers you like.

    JOOX features music 2.5 APK for Android
    • huge library - instantly access music from anywhere in the world
    • JOOX Radio - access to more than 50 radio stations with a very large number of songs
    • recommended Playlists - find playlists recommended by us, with songs to fit your mood
    • music custom - customize your playlists with your favorite songs for all occasions
    • real-time Sharing - share your songs with friends WeChat and on your Moments
    JOOX Music Screenshot 1
  • JOOX music APK 2.5 latest Version

    • find easily your favorite in the new STATION tab
    • radio
    • Enjoy titles your library of local music with the screen lyrics
    • send your requests to the lyrics of songs , you like
    • fixed minor bugs
  • Apps comments

    Simple, elegant user interface, features, HQ songs, when you love a song, you can download it easily. I love!


Developer: Tencent Mobility Limited Version: 2.5 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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