Microsoft Excel APK 16.0.7127.1010

Microsoft Excel APK 16.0.7127.1010
  • the last Microsoft Excel APK 16.0.7127.1010 offers you the accessibility to work with your spreadsheet from anywhere without having to open your laptop or computer. Real android applications that offer you better look for your worksheet as it look like in your PC. Excel for android is you offer experience in view, writing and editing your documents in tablets android in 10 inches or smaller. For more 10-inch tablets, you're not able to use all the free features. Microsoft Excel for android featured with all excel PC spreadsheet creation and editing features neat and organized. The brand Catch it able to use all the features includes using the office 365 account.

    the superiority of this app for android is its elegant design and high usability. The app built with an eye-catching design with well organized Polish interface, compact toolbars and essential features for editing and the creation of your leaves. Contextual menu practice which appears as three dots and extend menu such as copy, cut, paste and other quick access of functions you are able to speed up the editing process file. This app provide large models of good quality and the templates ready for employment, expenditures, time sheets, calendar, tasks, calendar of assignment and all them are easy to suit customized with your condition.

    the app is very reliable with high rate after its launch end of January at the beginning of the year. Stability impressive with handling tables and long list of data markers that this app turns as spreadsheet robust and reliable that different from other free spreadsheet editor you are able to find in other applications. However, this does not mean this app has not lack. The limited cloud support and does not support with Google Reader make this apps difficult user for storage solutions. This application works with dropbox, Sharepoint and a single disc. In addition, this Microsoft Excel for Android needs to download 0 MB and 50 MB more for the storage option.

    features of Microsoft Excel 16.0.7127.1010 APK for Android
    • Office offers unparalleled file compatibility and fidelity of layout. Worksheets will be displayed exactly how you intended on your Android phone and tablet. No loss of data
    • menu familiar in the Ribbon helps you quickly start and
    • navigation options
    • familiar features, you know in Excel-formulas, tables, diagrams, graphics sparkline are included in the Excel application
    • a lot more
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  • Microsoft Excel APK 16.0.7127.1010 latest Version

    • annotate with ink : Use your stylus or finger to write, draw and highlight tools on the new tab draw
    • open other files: now you can open files that contain ActiveX controls.
    • save files on SD cards: with Android 5.0 and more recent versions, save files anywhere on a SD card.
    • find out more Office applications: Excel makes it easy for you to discover and quickly install all the office applications available for your Android phone and tablet now.
  • apps comments

    I use this app almost every day on my android and my apple devices, it's a flawless experience. It's great.

Microsoft Excel APK

Developer: Microsoft Corporation Version: 16.0.7127.1010 condition: 4.4 and upward price: free


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