Nova APK 4.3 Launcher

Nova APK 4.3 Launcher
  • nova Launcher APK version 4.3 has various functions based on the presentation of the features. You can use this app to customize your Android apps and widgets. You can adjust the line and column according to your needs. You can choose which application or widget you need to move and where are these. Another feature is floating dock that has function to manage the icons on the page. You can locate some favorite to the dock app, so you can easily open the application. You can also make an application folder to your phone page. You can also use the folder icon to select the appropriate background, design and style to your page of Android. Backup is also the best feature to save your data if you consider to erase data on your Android.

    there are also additional features of different Nova Launcher for Android. It depends on the version. First version has additional features like gestures that can be used for better touch. If you think you Android touch screen isn't good, you can use this version for the best things. Main version can hide the application. This release also features better than the other versions. It is important to know the characteristics, so you can pick the right version for your needs.

    it is better to look for the latest version of the Launcher Nova for more features and functions. Old version usually has features standards and functions, while the new version has additional features with the new innovation. Standard features are customized, backup and display setting. Additional features of the latest version are dock, dock scrolls and other features. Install the application on your Android and enjoy the best features.

    characteristics of Nova 4.3 APK for Android Launcher
    • themes icons
    • sous-maille positioning
    • the color controls customize App drawer
    • improved Widget drawer
    • infinite scrolling
    • Backup/Restore
    • Scrollable Dock
    • Widgets in docking station
    • Import Layout
    • Quick
    Nova Launcher Screenshot 1
  • Nova Launcher APK 4.3 Latest Version

    • night Mode
    • Android folder Preview style
    • N
    • best search configuration
    • bar
    • bugs
  • Apps comments

    stop of is better and better with every update. The possibilities of customization of this launcher of love!

Nova Launcher APK

Developer: TeslaCoil software Version: 4.3 condition: varies with device price: free


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