TAP Titans APK 4.1.1

TAP Titans APK 4.1.1
  • tap Titans APK is available and now the latest version 4.1.1. This is a game that is a bit complicated to consider included what type it is. When you first look at this game, it is quite similar with RPG arcade games since this game focuses on the theme of RPG. You may be familiar with this game, if you have already played Clicker Cookie before. The game modes are quite similar with the Clicker of Cookie. Like its name, this game requires players to draw to read. Not only type to attack the enemy, you must also type whenever you want to improve the skill or discover the new place in the game. Player will be presented using characters with manga look. They are equipped with sword and come with a number of skills whose goal is to defeat stronger enemies.

    apart from the characters, gives you heroic battles so that you will feel more difficult to play the game more. This game is considered to be simple to play game. You just need to give a tap on the screen to attack the enemy standing in front of you. There is no other technique to do if you want to defeat the monster except just keep touching the screen to combat the monster until it dies. The difficult thing is that you have to kill the enemy in the given time and energy you have.

    when you killed successfully a number of enemies, you will get certain amount of gold. Gold is commonly used to upgrade the character and buy a support character to help your main character. The damage you do really depend on the level of your character and damage per second caused by the aid character in the game Titans Tap for Android.

    characteristics of the Titans of Tap 4.1.1 APK for Android
    • advance through thousands of levels to prove your skills
    • Tap/click to defeat 60 monsters unique & titans.
    • 33 summon warriors and heroes to fight monsters & Titans for you, even when you're not play
    • Explorer 10 adventure full of kingdoms with several monsters & Titans in each
    • share enjoy RPG tournaments to compete with others
    • battle of Titans and cursed monsters in the dark dungeons to find treasures even more
    • PRESTIGE for battle hardened players to gain more powers
    • collect 33 artifacts to improve your many [
    • , weapons and abilities best action adventure
    • 2015 RPG experience!]
    Tap Titans Screenshot 1
  • Tap Titans APK 4.1.1 latest Version

    • travel spell mastery
    • bugs
  • applications don't clients

    no need to spend money (I have) or watch videos. Fun game even if repetitive drains and even a small phone battery much.

Tap Titans APK

Developer: game Hive editor Version: 4.1.1 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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