Z war APK 1.26

Z war APK 1.26
  • Z war APK version 1.26 is the game that you shout apply to your smart phone. It will give you the wonderful experience. You can download this app to APK format. It has some features such as different characters, many types of troops, fighting another player, you can chat in this game with your friend. This game is a kind of zombie game. You can bring civilization be restored. The feature of this game you make feel you happy and can enjoy the adventure. You can play this game with your friends thanks to the alliance. This game will give you the opportunity to find the resource. You can huge zombie, the zombie is the boss.

    you should beat the boss of the zombie with the best weapon. There are the special weapon with high quality. If you like to team Alliance, you can ask your friend to fight together. It will make your power more; You can play this game online. This game offers you to only talk about the adventure, next to the game have the right settings. You can find many advantages that you can win this game. This game will make you think the best strategy. You should consider your level. There is the base you should the defense.

    let not your enemy make you lose the game. You can easily enjoy the wonderful game on your Smartphone. You must download this game. There are a lot of games that you can choose in the game store. If you like the hard war, you can choose the Z for Android war. You will get wonderful experience. This game will improve your strategy to deal with the enemy. You will enjoy this game after getting this game for your android.

    Z war 1.26 APK for Android features
    • free to play strategy RTS Zombie MMO.
    • fight with millions other generals in the world.
    • build a strong and stable city in order to protect your nation against the undead and other groups of survivors.
    • research of the different technologies that will improve your production resources, reduce your recruiting time
    • and building and increase your effectiveness in combat.
    • order your troops and get on your enemies in real-time PVP action.
    • chat with your classmates and other actors in the world cat, cat of the Alliance or private chat.
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  • Z War APK 1.26 latest Version

    • bugs
  • Apps comments

    very good game, even as other games of rts zombie on the app store... build city and defend and attack other players with zombies in option to attack.


Developer: Mountain Lion Version: 1.26 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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