APK Skype

APK Skype
  • Skype APK is a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family using video, even calls when you are away from your laptop! The new version is and you probably knew him, Skype has a PC version too. But you could get out from time to time and sometimes you just can't bring your laptop along, who knows, you may need to use to connect and interact with others while you're on the go. The good news is this application, which is the version of the Skype mobile device intended for purposes of PC. This article will explain many of the benefits and disadvantages on this app and summarize the bottom line for everything.

    first, we focus on the good of the application. The latest version of the Android platform is so pretty good excellent with its impressive audio quality and quality fantastic overall of videoconferencing. It is also fairly fluid despite so many features and data to deal with. If the user has used the application for a long time between updates, it turns out that the quality of the application becomes even more stable than the way in which it is already. This gradual and steady improvement, this is what makes it possible to have the good video chat and video calls.

    However, there are also a few disadvantages of this app. There is still lack of group video chats and the characteristics of transfer file between each users Skype is always difficult. It is also impossible to change between front and rear camera during the session of video chats or calls. Overall though, whether you're a new user or not, the new version has a lot of amazing features and impressive qualities that had to be something worth your time and considerations.

    features of Skype APK for Android
    • find all your friends and family in an instant
    • Talk with fingers
    • call your world
    • Low-cost fixed and mobile calls too
    • share your favorite shots
    • talk with anyone, anywhere
    video messaging screenshots
    Skype Screenshot 1
  • APK Skype Latest Version

    • , you can now run Skype on Android N!
    • suggested contacts from another Skype apps are now shown in Skype for Android
    • Fixed reported by users issue, where the 2nd call is a ring
    • Fixed crash reported by users in the user interface call them unanswered, on some devices from ASUS on Android 4.x
    • the user interface optimizations and fixes during the recording of video messages on Samsung devices
  • Apps comments

    great app! Much improved. The glitches I've had has been fixed.

Skype APK

Developer: Skype Version: condition: varies with device price: free


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