APUS Launcher APK 2.9.0

APUS Launcher APK 2.9.0
  • APUS Launcher APK Gets the new update so the latest version 2.9.0. It is sure that when people buy the smart phone, smart phone already has pitcher who hails from manufacturers. However, it seems that there are many people who share the same circumstances, when they are not satisfied with the performance of the original pitcher of their smart phone. That's why they are looking for a lot better pitcher for better performance on their smart phone. People can find the launcher for Android with less than 3 MB in size. APUS Launcher for Android can be an ideal choice for people who want to get the best pitcher with the smaller size. This launcher it may be lighter Launcher which can be found for Android smart phone. However, it is not only the lighter launcher that exists because people can also find useful when experience using this App launcher

    there is no doubt that people will be able to get a lot more experience to replace the original Launcher from the manufacturers. People should not miss the opportunity to change the Launcher, which is available for Android devices. With the Launcher, which is lighter and smaller, people will be able to streamline their experience instead of customization.

    people will be able to rearrange their device, then they will be able to find the installed applications much easier. People will also be able to find the contacts but also to discover new applications that the launcher app think they love you. The home screen notification may also be added to message, phone call, as well as by e-mail. People may also find the free scan function that is added to the recent update so that people can browse the app which is recently opened as well as the flux RSS de GEA. However, people will find not enough customization of GEA Launcher. It is not the option for the older device after all.

    characteristics of the APUS 2.9.0 APK for Android Launcher
    • APUS Boost
    • priority applications and smart folders
    • Mobile Search
    • APUS discovered
    • Wallpaper Wallpaper bound
    • themes
    • App drawer
    • APUS know
    • by
    • free scan
    • APUS headlines
    • Enhanced App market
    • APUS Toolkit
    • effects of Transition screen
    • Power +
    APUS Launcher Screenshot 1
  • APUS Launcher APK 2.9.0 latest Version

    • optimization of Interactive design
    • has improved the search interaction for operation with one hand
    • simplify the UI
    • display of the user interface simplified and remove redundant information
    • facilitate navigation
    • search results may display more and less for better navigation
  • Apps comments

    great Launcher! Gives your android the iPhone look.

APUS Launcher APK

Developer: GEA Group Version: 2.9.0 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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