Google Calendar APK 5.5.20 - 13286403

Google Calendar APK 5.5.20 - 13286403
  • If you are one of the busiest person in the city and you will face the time, 5.5.20 - 13286403 Google Calendar APK for android is perhaps the best solution for you. This mobile application will help not only to your to organize and manage your schedule, but this feature is very fun to use too. There is a lot of functionality in this application, as several calendars, customizable notifications and invitations to meetings. The good news is this app has been innovated with some other brilliant features like feature that can automatically create the email events. This smart app can also be used with a Yahoo account, iCloud and Microsoft Exchange. What a soft!

    this app also comes with a new design. It has a relatively clean design with colorful graphics that add style to the application itself. Even if the look is different from the calendar on the Web, the way how to use is still very much the same. Some features, such as day, 3 days, week and calendar are always the same. However, the month section that was available in the previous version, is deleted and replaced by a BOM view.

    article day and week consist of hour-by-hour section to give you more space to meet your schedule this specific day. In addition, there is a zoom-in and zoom function to give you a clearer reading. Google Calendar for android is also relatively more easy to use to create new events. With the help of passes, this application will give you suggestion more appropriate to the event you want once you start typing. This application is very good for your which happen to have a regular schedule that this application will remember the sentences, you have already used in the past.

    features of Google Calendar 5.5.20 - 13286403 APK for Android
    • a new schedule view - see your schedule in a blink of an eye with photos and maps of the places you go.
    • events of Gmail - hotel, flight, restaurant reservations and more are automatically added to your calendar.
    • helps to fill your calendar - you can quickly create events with intelligent suggestions of titles of the events, places and people.
    • different ways of displaying your calendar - quickly switch between viewing a day for an overview of several days at a time.
    • all your calendars in a single, easy up - Google Calendar works with all the calendars on your phone, including Exchange.
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  • Google Calendar APK 5.5.20 - 13286403 latest Version

    • objectives - add personal goals - as "run 3 times a week" - and calendar plan so that they automatically.
    • (Google Apps for work and education only) find a time - add colleagues as guests to your event and let Google calendar to find the best time of the session for you.
  • apps comments

    , much better than the previous version. View monthly is back and big.

Google Calendar APK

Developer: Google Inc. Version: 5.5.20 - 13286403 condition: varies with device price: free


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