Marvel Puzzle Quest APK 109.361234

Marvel Puzzle Quest APK 109.361234
  • Puzzle Quest APK marvel has new version 109.361234, so you can update your game easily to the latest version. Marvel is one of the characters famous Hero in the film who is loved by the people in the world. Because of this, this character is also represented in the game as in the quest of Puzzle Marvel for Android. In this game, people must match, and the real battle who will invite other people to the alliance if the association game and unique battle with the puzzle. The battle in this game is match the puzzle that has your favorite heroes or enemies in a tournament.
    this game was the best game of top 10 in the United States because of the way to play this game, which is not difficult. This Android Marvel Puzzle Quest will give you new experience, complicating and completely amazing. Because of this, you express your power to match the image to stand against the enemies and the awesome power of Hulk allows you to keep the enemies or break Professor X to manipulate the game.

    in other words, the Android Marvel Puzzle Quest offer the people to be a great strategist for three battles by manipulating the jewel to enhance, destroy and even wear to the low the strongest character in the game. You can recruit the X - men members vengeful, installation and guardian of the Galaxy, etc. in this game to do your Marvel dream team. You can also add the Spiderman with his former enemies as Venom.

    in addition, people can also increase the capacity of their heroes and receive the interesting reward of the Marvel Puzzle Quest for Android. You can use power ISO-8 to increase the capacity of your team well. You can collect comic strip to open character and ability. The game with your friend inside the tournaments are just as impressive in the game. You can get the priceless rewards in this session. It will be the right idea to join him in this game to be a wonder team.

    characteristics of Marvel Puzzle Quest 109.361234 APK for Android
    • hold on first place in tournaments, Alliances and play of the season for new character awards and other prizes!
    • form alliances with your friends and use your collective power to fight against other players in the events and epic battles through chat
    • deep experience RPG leveling
    • contest your superhero team in exciting the player against player tournaments
    • build strategic alliances with your favorite and villains Heroes
    • join a community of
    • new events of 8 million players in the world
    • features and tournaments live the universe of Marvel Comics
    • exclusively written by Frank Tieri (Iron Man, Wolverine and Weapon X) and Alex Irvine of Marvel (Iron Man: The Rapture, Daredevil black)
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  • Marvel Puzzle Quest APK 109.361234 latest Version

    • MPQ R109!
    • 5 black widow stars present in the game!
    • what has changed:
    • countdown tiles are removed is no longer when the tile of the countdown replaces the invisibility of character tile beats.
    • XP earned in a mission is now displayed once the mission is complete.
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. clearance levels are coming.
    • characters from bugs/balances: Professor X (Charles Xavier), Peggy Carter (Captain America), black bolt, and magneto (Marvel now!).
  • apps comments

    it is the only game that I play more. Addictive game between upgrade and the collection of characters to win monthly and 2 to 5 days of events.

Marvel Puzzle Quest APK

Developer: go D3! version: 109.361234 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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