MEGA v2 APK 2.6.8

MEGA v2 APK 2.6.8
  • new version MEGA v2 APK is available and it is 2.6.8. It is one of the storage cloud services that can give security and this also can give you more than 50 GB free. This is great, because you will get this cloud storage different with other cloud storage services. You will find that it will provide data encryption and the description of it is made by your own hand in your android. In addition, the data, which are in your android, also opens and accessible where and when you want. In addition, people can also easily share their data through this application. This one about you for example want to share your file to your friend through your contact. In addition, to apply this mega android V2 is not difficult.

    they can access the stream through the phone smart or easily compressed file and they can download and also synchronize media to cloud one. It will be an impressive way for people to share their data. To apply this app, people can search the data and save data in their cloud. Then, they can download and stream in their android easily. In addition, the android app can watch and share in the android easily. They also don't worry about the name of the file in it because they can rename the data relevant to their needs.

    the most important located in Mega for Android v2, it is that they can keep their privacy in this app. In addition, easy access this app will also make people comfortable to use their android in their hand. Because of that, the people don't worry on their android when their android is in hand of their friend, because this app will protect privacy a so that other people will not see your personal information file in the android.

    characteristics of the mega 2.6.8 APK for Android v2
    • the cloud in your pocket.
    • access and share your files from your smartphone or tablet.
    • upload your media to the cloud.
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  • MEGA v2 APK 2.6.8 latest Version

    problems while comments resolved connection Apps

  • use mega for quite awhile and I love it on all platforms. Very clean layout and it is always nice to have stored.


Developer: Mega Limited Version: 2.6.8 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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