Reddit APK 1.8.0

Reddit APK 1.8.0
  • Reddit APK 1.8.0 has been updated, so you can download and update your applications to improve performance. Almost all the things in the Internet are collected from Reddit. Various kinds of discussion, ranging from the cat on the comics, health, games and other things that have been successful in the world. Therefore, no matter how small the news on Reddit, it could be booming. Even when Ellen Pao, CEO, decided to resign because of the conflict between him and the users. Unfortunately, the larger community, Reddit enough later through a special application for Android. Previously, access it on your Android device, to open the browser via the website. If you compare, a small community already has a special application for Android devices.

    the new CEO, Steve Huffman, recently released statement that answers my question above. Huffman has announced that they will be launching Reddit for Android devices. And now the app coming to android. According to Huffman, development of the application was launched from the direction of Ellen Pao, who finally had to go down after his resignation petition has been signed by more than 0,000 users.

    Huffman remained only to continue the process of application development. After this announcement, there are a lot of questions, e.g. What are the features that will be in the application? Just like the Web site, users can find the latest news, a trend of subjects and best memes on the internet. Users can also search for and find communities with various topics. Other activities such as downloading the stories, photos and links of interest to a discussion can be done easily. Even the display mode of the application can be adjusted depending on the time, day or night.

    characteristics of Reddit 1.8.0 APK for Android
    • Browse all, wherever you are
    • search and discover communities by topic or interest
    • support your own comments, images, links and other stories and discuss
    • customize with themes (including the theme of the night)
    • display in compact mode or view map
    • stay updated with your orangereds with Inbox : messages, comment, post replies and mentions responses.
    Reddit Screenshot 1
  • Reddit APK 1.8.0 latest Version

    • [Beta Only] Bug added Shake function (see the r/redditandroidbeta for more details)
    • fixed the problem with asterisks in the password
    • fixed an issue causing very large images to not
    • UI fixed problem display related to the video
  • Apps comments

    the update brings now Reddit running on my rating 5 and my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7. Accessories for the developer to square the bugs so quickly. I will never touch a client of reddit 3rd party now. I love the official app so much and I've been on this app all day.

Reddit APK

Developer: reddit Inc. Version: 1.8.0 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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