• Swift WiFi APK was released. You want to get Wi - Fi services at home or wherever you are? All people now use android as the main means of communication in which it asks you to provide WIFI. It will make you easily connect to the internet. Because we know that each type of android phone has different setting to use which can be can allow you to get difficult. To do this, it is suggested that you choose the best WI - FI application; There is Wi - Fi of Swift. This app is a kind of application that can help you detect and connect to the nearest WIFI for you without getting any setting difficult to do sometimes make feel you confused.

    using this application, then the user will be able to connect to the internet instantly for the WIFI setting in which you can connect to the preference to the caprice. Thanks to the connection Wi - Fi shared for Android, then it is useless most at the shelter, the menu of your android phone to set the WI - FI menu more because it will be something to upset if you find two hotspots that are flakey.

    , it is very easy, where you just long press for particular host tasks available and he will reveal certain information. SWIFT WiFi for Android has a good level of security, the link speed, and the signal that gives strength. You can get the information without having to chase them. To apply this application then you can download the apk and install on your device. This type of application in fact will make you it easy to detect and connect with WIFI you want.

    characteristics of Swift WiFi APK for Android
    • useful for travel: Scan of WiFi hotspots and find free WiFi around you. If no result is found, he'll get the signs guiding you to the WiFi the closest spot. It is very useful when you are in a new place.
    • security test: avoid public WiFi unsecured or in fishing hotspots, protect your online security.
    • speed test: test of specific network speed.
    • smart WiFi: reduce the radiation from phones and save battery.
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  • Swift WiFi APK latest Version

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  • Apps comments

    have tested and I am very happy to install this beautiful soft Nice in my ASUS laptop. My laptop is becomes more rapid and better connection to Facebook.

Swift WiFi APK

Developer: DotC United Swift Team Version: condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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