CSR Racing 2 APK 1.5.2

CSR Racing 2 APK 1.5.2
  • CSR Racing 2 APK is now available with the latest version 1.5.2. This game is one of the racing games popular for android which has been played by millions of users. With impressive graphics, this game is able to attract more than 2 million users of Android in the first sequel. To repeat this success, the developer of this game launches the second sequel, CSR racing 2 with some updates and more interesting features. If you are a new user or new to this game, it's game of drag racing where you don't have to bend your car to the right or to the left, but you only need to raise the appropriate transmission.

    must raise the transmission when the green lights in order to get the maximum speed. In addition, you must also pass your car to be faster. This is a brief description of this game. Then we'll discuss about updates or new features offered by this second sequel. I was very impressed by the graphics on the CSR Racing 2, better graphics with 3D display that is very charming. In addition to better graphics, this game is more interactive. Like having a dream garage, we can interact with our vehicles.

    you can open doors, hood and trunk. In addition, the live multiplayer features are also present in this game. This is my favorite feature, we can play against other players in the world. With this feature, a game that was developed by NaturalMotionGames is certainly capable of surviving in the popular game in a long time. Another interesting feature is the crew. In this latest sequel, we can join or form a crew, and invite them to compete against other players.

    characteristics of the CSR Racing 2 1.5.2 APK for Android
    • updated NEXT-GEN 3D graphics
    • car customization running time real
    • , TUNE and fuse
    • build your dream GARAGE
    • challenge your friends and racing fans all over the world
    • dominate the city
    CSR Racing 2 Screenshot 1
  • CSR Racing 2 APK 1.5.2 latest Version

    • for the first time on mobile, this CSR2 of the world most powerful, fastest and most exclusive production super sports car: the Bugatti Chiron.
    • we introducing new rewards and tweaking the game making the system in on-line shopping your shopping to the next level! Enjoy all the events? Keep racing with your team for a chance to win the Dodge Viper ACR affine and the superb LB Nissan GT - R!
  • apps comments

    a great game and certainly much better than the old. It's amazing with a better quality of game, fast cars and new also, racing crazy and new editions to this game so I hope that this game gets better and better.

CSR Racing 2 APK

Developer: NaturalMotionGames Ltd Version: 1.5.2 condition: 4.1 and upward price: free


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