• MORTAL KOMBAT X APK is updated 1.9.0 which is the latest version. Gamer' waiting for the phenomenal this game for Android is now complete. Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have released mobile version. The first impression when enjoying this game is very impressive. Story mode is presented to show the history of each character, then this game is packed is like an interactive movie. In addition, the game also has a function in line mode and the faction. This game also brings Krypt mode. Details can be found in every fight is a plus. The game with the latest features that is not boring. Fatality and brutality is a knockout that is maintained until this latest version. So far, this version has the best action of doom. Relocation of x rays will be also shown on this game. It is a brutal attack that can paralyze an enemy that will hurt the vital part of the enemy.

    all modes, you can try the tour mode. This will present a different challenge with a variety of additional content available. Flaws study presents a few new characters that were not present in previous editions. Each character also has a development in terms of appearance, attitude and style of fighting. Unfortunately, some Kombatans names do not appear in the game for Android. This new presence will invite a variety of speculation by fans. For the first time, NetherRealm Studios introduces a new character who is a descendant of old characters. It is a unique idea for a fighting game.

    overall, MORTAL KOMBAT X for Android has an element of sadism that is no less than a console or a PC version. This game has also not excessive grinding. Developer is so good that they make it easier to get the gold and soul. Graphics are pretty good, but soft and have not caused the delay. The downside is the scene of the fatal crash is slightly over previous versions. The characters that can be played were not bad. This is because the in-app purchase price is too expensive.

    characteristics of MORTAL KOMBAT X 1.9.0 APK for Android
    • BRUTAL 3 v 3 KOMBAT
    • jaw fall x-rays and death
    • challenge other players
    • SUMMON allies in the battle
    • unlock rewards at stake of the CONSOLE and MOBILE
    MORTAL KOMBAT X Screenshot 1
  • MORTAL KOMBAT X APK 1.9.0 latest Version

    • with a level all new characters--Diamond level, with 3 characters available with this update. Win Hellspawn Scorpion, Klassic Raiden and voracious MIleena and Diamond level characters! We have also added new Gold characters and a brand new event of Rush of challenge where you can win a different Cyber Ninja weekly in 3 consecutive weeks of challenges. New equipment, new boosters and increased blood rubies granted at the end of the seasons of wars of Faction towers update!
  • apps comments

    I love this game, it's a great way to pass the time, and it's really fun.


Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises Version: 1.9.0 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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