ooVoo APK 2.9.2

ooVoo APK 2.9.2
  • join with ooVoo APK 2.9.2, which give you the possibility to make video calls high quality, sending text messages, make voice call and all of them is free! It is free apps which available t connect with your friend and family in the world that allow to take a clear crisp video call with 12 people in your group video call. Learn more about the features of applications ooVoo which will bring you to the new means of communication. It's free video and voice calls and sending text messages you want. This application works with your network WiFi or with cellular data for you plan doing are able to send the text and make free call. The Super clear video chat high quality offers technology with 12 people in a group discussion using the 4 G, LTE and WiFi connectivity without worrying about your data usage.

    the less dropped his appeals have to make your applications are available to detect and adjust your speed of connection which means there are fewer calls interrupted in the same connection rather than another video unlimited. This apps is available in any device works compatibility and platform and in addition to 300 tablets and popular android phones. You are able to send texts, pictures and videos to your friend even if you have the duration of the call.

    with just a touch integrated calling, make you it easy to move features video chat. You can make the change of group name and photo icon. Share your moments with your friend is easier with this app. You can leave the message of your video messages to a friend and share social media with your friend (s) of this app, just by file and send to your friend. You can get the free app or add premium app to remove items in your ooVoo Video Call, text & voice for Android that appears when you call or send text message.

    functions of ooVoo 2.9.2 APK for Android
    • the video calls, voice calls and texts
    • free video calls
    • Amazing audio during a call
    • free voice calls
    • free texts
    • free group of cats
    • less low call
    • ooVoo everywhere
    • available on popular Android more than 300 phones and tablets , and we are always adding more!
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  • ooVoo APK 2.9.2 latest Version

    • not all that much changed, but still enough to warrant an update.
  • apps comments

    just like it I think that it's cool that you chat with more than one person at a time it awesome.

ooVoo APK

Developer: ooVoo LLC Version: 2.9.2 condition: varies with device price: free


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