Pixel 3D Gun APK 11.0.0

Pixel 3D Gun APK 11.0.0
  • gun pixel 3D APK upgrade 11.0.0. You remember Minecraft? Yes, the typical pixelated Windows game has become the most popular game in the last decade. Unfortunately, Minecraft Pocket Edition in Google game store to apply a system paying. Some developers and then try to make a game with a similar concept in the free version and without pay. One of the games popular pixelated is gun Pixel 3D for Android. This game adopt a view like multiplayer shooter on the theme of Minecraft. You may feel tense game with pictures of adorable character. You can play the solo scene and the arena of survival. You can compete with your friends and customize characters using creator special skin and begins to play.

    in multiplayer mode, you can compete with anyone in the world. There are a variety of maps such as location or arena in different forms and sizes. You will get the weapons varied as Riffle, sword, magic rainbow and so on. Multiplayer mode can support up to 8 players in a match. In this mode includes also a chat so you can talk with friends during the game. While the cooperative mode supports up to 4 players at the same time during a match. In this mode, there is also a chat feature and 8 cards that were prepared to be explored.

    this mode is included in the category of hardcore gameplay. If you get a certain rank or position, you will be rewarded with coins. Campaign survival on the, you will encounter a zombie attack in all directions. Your work will be very difficult because the zombies come as thieves, nurses, police and other such groups. In the end, you deal directly with the evil Zombie boss. So, what are you waiting for? Download 3D Pixel Gun for Android right now and play with your friends to collect rewards as much as possible.

    characteristics of the rifle Pixel 3D 11.0.0 APK for Android
    • in the world and local.
    • unique maps of various forms and sizes.
    • from a magical bow, weapons combat the M16 rifle, Golden Desert Eagle and lightsaber for the simplest things, in case you want someone with a butcher knife.
    • up to 8 players in a single game.
    • now chat is available! Chat with friends right in the battle!
    • a stimulating and exciting experience that you can really get hooked!

    Pixel Gun 3D Screenshot 1
  • gun Pixel 3D APK 11.0.0 latest Version

    • new mode: DUEL. Fight with the best players in the new maps: GHOST TOWN, night swimming pool and space ARENA.
    • new weapons:
    • bad doctor, toxic BANE, bee swarm out, gun, heavy SHOCKER MINIGUN and many others!
    • improvements and enhancements:
    • the nine Armory
    • achievements!
    • unique sites for certain weapons
    • new mode selection screen design
    • bug fixes and improvements
    • new design of the LUCKY chest
    • balance new lobby design
  • Apps comments

    this game is better than the previous version but I would you could test arms and armor before you buy in an arena with zombies otherwise its great.

Pixel Gun 3D APK

Developer: RiliSoft Version: 11.0.0 condition: 3.0 and upward price: free


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