Poor Piggies APK 2.1.0

Poor Piggies APK 2.1.0
  • bad Piggies APK 2.1.0 is coming to Android. Maybe people are familiar with game Angry Birds, which is very popular all around the world among users of smart phones. It is an amazing game that can find people, but there is no doubt that the developer of this game also offers another amazing game called Bad Piggies for Android. If the Angry Birds game is the game that has the prospect of high bird of temperament, this game has history which is considered from the point of view of the wrong green pigs bit located at angry birds. People may think that this game will have the same type of game with angry birds, but in fact there is a different approach that is taken by this game. The player is immersed in the interactive sandbox. Creativity and technique is necessary if players want to go through each quest.

    , it will take a while to download this game specially for them who have Internet broadband. Because this game comes with size 42 MB, there is no doubt about that. However, this size is delivered with the support of the physics engine and the details of the game which is amazing. Players will find the narrative with the animation sequence when you enter the game and it will continue throughout the progression of the users. The pig must be done using the series of obstacles on the vehicle. Players will have the role of design and operation of the vehicle.

    players will be able to find specific materials that are provided and the score will be found based on specific standards that are different. The stars will be awarded if players can fulfil the standard. Special article can be unlocked by users, if they are able to get the maximum score. Different kinds of material are so people can create something they want in the great playgrounds.

    characteristics of the bad Piggies 2.1.0 APK for Android
    • more than 0 levels filled to overflowing pleasure of flying/driving/crash!
    • 40 + special levels unlocked by obtaining three stars!
    • free updates!
    • 9 + levels of sandbox to stretch your creativity!
    • level sandbox ultra-special, super-secret, ultra difficult to unlock by collecting ten skulls! Oh-guess that's more a secret...
    • 42 objects to create the ultimate machine: engines, wings, fans, bottle rockets, umbrellas, balloons and much more!
    Bad Piggies Screenshot 1
  • Bad Piggies APK 2.1.0 latest Version

    • 15 new parts and extra bright - now 240 total parts.
    • need a little more of junk? Now you can buy with coins.
    • fixes/improvements. We work to get the springs under control, bear with us!
  • apps comments

    this game is a lot of fun and very entertaining.

Bad Piggies APK

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd., Version: 2.1.0 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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