WinZip APK 3.7

WinZip APK 3.7
  • getting the APK WinZip last version 3.7 will be the best idea for people to get comfortable when people use their android. This can help people extract and easy to create files zip in the android and the people will get some benefits when they move this app to their android. In addition, people can also open and save the zip file in their android. People will be difficult, if they have not installed this app in their android, whatever the zip file compress the size of the file in the computer. In addition, people will also find WinZip Android can be created an Email when people want to attach this file to send to the other account.

    Moreover, it can also facilitate people when they want to download the zip file by email in their android. The largest found by people in this application is the features of the application. People are going to find that this one has features that can satisfy people when they use it in their android. On the characteristics, people will find that it can create Zip and Zipx files without any difficulty, so that people can easily manage their files in their android.

    in addition, WinZip Android can also receive a file zip and display picture taken in charge, text and even web files directly without any difficulty to ensure that people acquire that comfortable when they use it in their android. Moreover, people also find other features in the WinZip for Android that can satisfy people when they use their android. Referring to this, people will find that this application can access and easily manage the file in the phone memory and the external SD card so that people don't worry when they want to move the file to the SD card. Other characteristics can also be found in this one that can satisfy people when they operate their android.

    characteristics of WinZip 3.7 APK for Android
    • create Zip and Zipx files
    • easily send files to archive for contacts by e-mail
    • receive a zip file and view support for web files, text and image directly in the WinZip application
    • will open other files in popular formats with integration of third-party
    • application
    • open Zip files encrypted (including AES 128 and 256-bit) to examine sensitive documents safely while on the [go[1945018
    • easily navigate and manage files in the memory of the phone and SD card external
    • a lot more
    WinZip Screenshot 1
  • WinZip APK 3.7 latest Version

    • Support to display images gently by finger film.]]
    • able to see the files in the external SD card if the Android version is 6.
    • new icon to use WinZip.
  • apps comments

    works as well as compressed folders, program on Windows computers. Its speed is the same as opening a regular file.

WinZip APK

Developer: WinZip Computing Version: 3.7 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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