Crisis Action APK 1.9.2

Crisis Action APK 1.9.2

Game Hero released its newest game for the Android operating system. Crisis Action APK 1.9.2 has graphics that is smooth and regular. This game can be a Tipping Point alternative that you can play just by using the Android Smartphone. Crisis Action has been downloaded by many people and get comments and ratings were so good. The game is a multiplayer FPS games online, so we can play with friends or other people in the room with a variety of modes and several records. When you first play the game you can register when the loading is complete, or you can connect using Facebook and guest player.

After login you can select the server and do the tutorial first to know how to play the game and you will get a gift in the form of gold and honor that you can spend in the shop to buy equipment to combat as weapon, helmet, bombs and others. You can also skip to skip the tutorial on the game.

Battle in the menu, you can choose a single-player mode, friends and a ranked Match. To complete daily reward victory and honor daily limit with gifts of a number of honors if we complete the assigned mission. Honor useful to buy the EP. Pack [SMALL], ENH PTS MAKER and many more if we can be if we have a lot of honor in Crisis Action game.

You can strengthen the arms in the menu to improve using PTS as main ingredient that damage, rate, ACU, STB, MOV, AP and RNG him become stronger and will attack us feels solid when exposed to the enemy. There are different levels of soldier, Sergeant, general agent, Marshal in Crisis Action Games. Some of the Medal, we may collect to finish.

Characteristics of Crisis Action 1.9.2 APK for Android
  • ACTION INTENSE multiplayer online
  • Huge selection of weapons and gear
  • Multiplayer ranking and CLAN of the extended functionality
  • Test your skills offline
  • MOBILE optimized controls
Version the most recent crisis Action APK 1.9.2
Playstore : Crisis Action APK Install

Game user interface optimized;
A bug;
Support Thai; Indonesian;
Apps comments
I recently hooked on this game. My only problem is difficult to play in the low internet connection.

Crisis Action APK

Developer: game hero Version: 1.9.2 condition: 3.0 and upward price: free


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