Dumb ways to die 2 APK 1.6.0

Dumb ways to die 2 APK 1.6.0
  • mute ways to die 2 APK is available for free, is the new version 1.6.0. In fact, it has not proposed as a game, first. Until the day, Train called metro Trains Melbourne Australia company has released a video to the public. In the video, there is a message for the public to be more careful with the trains do not carelessly play around the passage level train. Against all odds, the video got an overwhelming response with more than 100 million views on YouTube. An interesting thing about this game, it's the funny characters with oh so many ridiculous behaviours that brutal accident causes. That's why; This game is called Dumb Ways to Die. He has now reached the two version.

    this time, the game has the sport, its theme. The game still has the same taste with the first version, but what makes it so different is that now the new version is more diverse and there are so many more fresh challenges. With some choice of challenge place as city drown with its beach and the sea, or the Freezerville with its specifications, the game seems to be more interesting.

    the rules of Dumb ways to Die 2 is very simple. There is no history of conspiracy that must follow. There is no customization. There is no purpose for sure. There is no attribute like the status of player, leveling, etc. that exist is a few points when players manage to finish a game mode and timeout. The only thing that is being targeted is to reach a high score. For the technique to play this game, players only need basic such as touchscreen called Swipe technique, wedge, etc.. Needs no consideration to download and enjoy this game because this game just looks so awesome

    characteristics of stupid to die 2 1.6.0 APK for Android channels
    • electric fence hedges
    • do not block the door
    • Dynamite relay race
    • Dolphin Rodeo
    • lighting pole
    • , forcing the doors
    • Ski jumping Rocket
    • mines Curling
    • Javelin Catch
    Dumb Ways to Die 2 Screenshot 1
  • Dumb ways to die 2 APK 1.6.0 latest Version

    • Welcome to RIO STADIDUMB
    • silent ways goes to Rio!
    • Stadidumb of Rio includes:
    • Capybara Capoeira
    • ginga with the rodent in the world bigger, cuter and more serious martial.
    • cocky Carioca
    • Samba time! But first, you'll need a few feathers for your costume, hmmm...
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  • Apps comments

    I love this game so much but this one I can not really it is a very fun game.

Dumb Ways to Die 2 APK

Developer: Metro Trains Version: 1.6.0 condition: 3.0 and upward price: free


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