Greenify APK 2.9

Greenify APK 2.9
  • the last Greenify APK 2.9 has been released. Smartphone with the system built-in android is indeed often do its users little their fingers because of the battery life that seems to be dried so fast. Well, it's actually no fault because it could happen due to some applications that you kept term or as a system which keep consuming the battery of your android without you knows it. If you're wondering how leave no such a thing happens, then better make you some apps online or just add other apps called Greenify for Android which will simply help you to save battery life. It is XDA developers known as the brain of this guys from XDA seems to do their best to solve the problem some android over and over again, even faster than the official computer technicians of the Smartphone itself.

    this soft wear function which is capable of a reduction in the consumption of battery for any series of android OS. This app is one step forward for another solution made by some company smart phone that seems to keep pile them of suggestions around GPS tips cut, reduce the brightness, close some applications, turn on WI - FI and many other.

    apps that is always on as synchronized email, social media, the cat, and many other work silently on your smart phone and consume these battery life. Greenify for Android is here to make the stay of sleep and then able to be woken up when you need to use again with full function.

    characteristics of Greenify 2.9 APK for Android
    • there need a background running the service for auto-hibernation work.
    • it was designed and implemented in extremely light, with an average footprint of RAM less than 5M and almost zero CPU consumption and battery.
    Greenify Screenshot 1
  • Greenify APK 2.9 latest Version

    • new: ' Doze on the Go ' on Android 6.x (two forms: nonroot or Xposed). This feature was introduced by beta Greenify, even before Android 7 Preview!
    • new: Notification of Quick Action.
    • new: section in context with Tracker awakening nonroot troubleshooting.
    • aggressive Doze can now be activated manually via a PC connected by USB, even if Doze is disabled in the ROM.
    • status app on Android 6 + improved detection.
    • improved compatibility with Android 7. (Aggressive Doze is not compatible yet)
  • apps comments

    Auto hibernation is one of the unique feature that sets this app outside of the memory pool most own apps Store.

Greenify APK

Developer: Oasis Feng Version: 2.9 condition: varies with device price: free


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