HTC Boost + APK 1.50.792952

HTC Boost + APK 1.50.792952
  • HTC Boost + APK has been updated to the latest version 1.50.792952. In addition to the launch of its new smartphone, HTC 10, this company also released an application to support performance. Not only for their devices, but this app is also compatible with other devices with Android lollipop as a minimum specification. However, if install us this software on other devices, there are features that cannot be implemented. Talk about the features of this app, Boost + has similar characteristics with this kind of application. Cleaner memory, the application is able to clean your RAM for smartphone performance will be optimal.

    there are a few factors that affect performance of smartphones, including the use of the RAM, the unnecessary applications, temporary files, cache, etc. This application is able to detect, clean, and optimize your Android phone. In addition to this main features, this app has safety features. You can apply the password to the application that you use for you can maintain your privacy. Another interesting feature is that this app can detect the apps that you never use.

    boost + will give notification to the application. It will improve performance and increase free space of your memory. Special functions for device HTC is boosting game. It will help to save the battery, but you can not use this feature if you are using another device. Well, this app has great easy to use interface, but it's similar with this kind of application. It's free Android expert performance that intelligently tunes performance, improves energy, Clears unused useless to retrieve files storage on any Android device.

    characteristics of the HTC Boost + 1.50.792952 APK for Android
    • delete junk files
    • Smart boost
    • manage apps
    • locking apps
    HTC Boost+ Screenshot 1
  • HTC Boost + APK 1.50.792952 latest Version

    • bug fixes and performance improvements
    • game booster supports the FHD screen resolutions (1080 p) under Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow HTC phones.
  • apps comments

    , this tool is great. It speeds up my phone and help me manage my apps abundance. Sometimes I have really no idea what do these elements in the background. Overall, this app works great and running smoothly on my device.


Developer: HTC Corporation Version: 1.50.792952 condition: 5.0 and upwards price: free


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