Metal Slug Defense APK 1.46.0

Metal Slug Defense APK 1.46.0
  • the last METAL SLUG DEFENSE APK is updated to 1.46.0. This game is a strategy game that you should not miss out. It is one of the most downloaded games that you should consider to feel the real action by a simple touch in your android. There are versions always upgrades for this strategy game that you can meet with the accessibility and new features. There are a few preview and features that you can get the installation of this game's simplicity and sides of this strategy game. One of the presentations that you can get this game for Android installation is additional areas in this strategy game. These additional areas are followed with additional missions and units in the updated version.

    , you can get the new mission next to the regular mission or the special mission with more spectacular battle. New units in this game of strategy can give new experience to fight the enemies with new orders. New language is also available in a version update of this strategy game. There are also a few bonuses and other presentations that you can get in the new version of this game. Download the latest version of this game for the best experience of battle strategy! Next to the overview of update, this strategy game has also features of simplicity and accessibility. You can easily get some features such as troops and armament with this level strategy game.

    there is availability you can get from this game of strategy such as various characters and units. If you want to compete with other players online, there is a connection Wi - Fi battle feature in this strategy game. You can easily install this strategy on your android by downloading the app and extract the file on your Android. It is best to get the latest version of overview and new features. Play the game and feel the spectacular battle only to install this METAL SLUG DEFENSE for Android.

    characteristics of the Metal Slug Defense 1.46.0 APK for Android
    • regular and rebel armies clashing on Android!
    • over 60 different characters and units available!
    • the world is your battlefield! Battle in various nostalgic!
    • level to the top of your troops and armament.
    • Compete with other players in Wi - Fi VS battles!
    Metal Slug Defense Screenshot 1
  • Metal Slug Defense APK 1.46.0 latest Version

    • several bugs have been fixed.
  • apps comments

    it seem created more dead arms and line of unit to increase.

Metal Slug Defense APK

Developer: SNK PLAYMORE Version: 1.46.0 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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