• new my Talking Tom APK is available and now the current version is Keeping a pet actually can be a good method, where people can use to relieve their stress. However, many people are too busy to keep the real animal. Maybe they have not enough care and attention to keep the real animal. However, they cannot avoid the kindness which can be provided by the animal in their lives. In this case, people should consider playing the game on their Android device that can provide them with the kindness of the animal. It must be an excellent option for game for pet lovers who want to enjoy a different method to keep a pet.

    if people are quite familiar with Talking Tom Cat as Talking Tom Cat 2, they'll find the similarity of these games with My Talking Tom. The game rules of the game is quite simple, because people need only to keep the happy cat by making various simple things, including food, pet, taking in the bathroom, put to sleep and of course play games with the cat. Basic functions of enforcement Talking Tom Cat can still be found in this game. However, players will be able to do much more with the cat. They will have more as long as the cat owner.

    the cat again the word which is said by the users with the acute voice. It will also show the different reaction when players touch it in different ways. However, people may feel more the taste of virtual pet game because they can do more with the cute friend including mini-games. The appearance of the cat can also be customized. Players can also choose foods that may agree with the cat. More important still, players will also be able to decorate the House for the cat according to their preference.

    characteristics of My Talking Tom APK for Android
    • play more than 10 mini-games
    • record & watch videos
    • cultivate your own Tom
    • visit your friends & Toms to talk about other players
    • enjoy real emotions that
    • free your rewards to Get
    • of creativity as you progress
    • Interact with Tom
    My Talking Tom Screenshot 1
  • My Talking Tom APK latest Version

    • open door policy: Check-out from your new Tom moves in the bathroom.
    • TRACK YOUR FRIENDS: compare the progress of your friends with your own to see what extent they happened.
    • ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: perform tasks with your Tom earn new achievements.
    • follow UP: get a new secret for your Tom... when the time comes.
  • apps comments

    my kids love this game and I catch myself playing it as well. Manageable and fun

My Talking Tom APK

Developer: Outfit7 Version: condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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