My boy! Delivery free-GBA Emulator APK 1.7.1

My boy! Delivery free-GBA Emulator APK 1.7.1
  • my boy! Free - emulator GBA APK 1.7.1 is an incredible fast emulator for Game Boy on the Android operating system. Games Game Boy Advanced can be installed on any type of operating system Android. You can play on the big or small screen even. This application has emulation of higher quality than the other. Although the price is free, but it will certainly support your ability as a game player. Free price with quality, what are you waiting for? You can find the Bluetooth, the personalization and great emulation emulator Game Boy Advanced Android. This application is very simple, you can save it to the Pocket to go anywhere. You can get this free app. You can connect to another player via Bluetooth and cross the room. It's wonderful because you can play with your friend and show your ability. This application will keep your spirits and your booster in the mood throughout the day.

    the special quality of this app was born to be fast. It's faster emulation on medium-high devices without lag. You can save your batteries, because this application is high compatibility of the game. Players can also run their game with fewer problems. Also, you can share your ability of games with the screensaver anytime and anywhere. My boy free emulator Android has an external support and well-designed user interface.

    the latest qualities of this application are they already added immersive mode of your control to hide android option, added option to hide all the control screen, fixed managing interruptions and bring, remote link submenu. This new update brings My Boy! Free - emulator GBA for Android famous and popular as the best emulator in the android operating system. The most extraordinary is now, you can use in different games in the game Google and the Android market.

    characteristics of my boy! Free - GBA Emulator APK for Android 1.7.1
    • faster emulation, so saving your battery up.
    • very high compatibility of game. Run almost all games without a problem.
    • link emulation of the cable on the same device, or between devices by Bluetooth or Wi - Fi connection.
    • gyroscope/tilt/solar sensor emulation and the rumble.
    • enter ActionReplay/GameShark/CodeBreaker cheat codes and toggle the on the fly so that the game is running.
    • high level BIOS emulation. No required BIOS file.
    • IPS/UPS ROM Patcher
    • a lot more
    My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator Screenshot 1
  • My Boy! Free-GBA Emulator APK 1.7.1 latest Version

    • enabled fast charge (with ads).
    • higher resolution Launcher icons.
    • now targeting Android 7.0 (Nougat).
    • fixed a crash to connect Android 7.0.
    • fixed native-lib warning on Android 7.0.
    • fixed a crash to start on Xperia devices ZX.
    • fixed rules hang on some devices.
  • apps comments

    I hate not having save slot but free it is by far the best GBA emulator.

My Boy Free - GBA Emulator APK

Developer: Fast emulator Version: 1.7.1 condition: 1.6 and upward price: free


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