Download Manager APK 4.95

Download Manager APK 4.95
  • download Manager APK Gets the new version 4.95 update. Android is the operating system for smart phone which is much used by many people all over the world. With so many products Android device that is on the market, there is no doubt that people will be able to find the smart phone that can be adapted most of their needs. Various activities will be done using the smart phone and of course the people cannot forget about downloading activity that can be done through their smart phone. However, many people share the same experience associated downloads interrupted, especially when they have to deal with the downloads of large files. This means that they must start the download process. Of course it will be wasting time and data.

    smart phone user can avoid this circumstance using this application which can often be a Savior that is very useful for those who need to download a large file through their smart phone. There are different download manager app offers that are out there, but it is really is the application that can help people to download a large file that is better because it comes with a few perks. The biggest advantage that can be found of this app of course is the speed that is three times as fast compared to the default application that sits on the Android device.

    However, it is not the only big thing that people may find this app because this app is also complemented by browser. It takes more very big advantage of the Download Manager application that is very simple. People will love the new design and the interface is improved. They will be able to find the web browser which has much better looking against web browsers that can be found for Android device. There is also low navigation to different directions.

    characteristics of the Download Manager 4.95 APK for Android
    • Tabbed browsing
    • support for basic HTTP for web pages
    • Simple and clean UI
    • Bookmark manager
    • quick search with added default voice speech recognition
    • address bar auto suggestion of history
    • supports Java Scripts
    • Support HTML 5 web pages and videos
    • Google integrated , Youtube, Twitter and Yahoo! Search
    • ability to spoof User Agent string browser to view web pages
    • plus
    Download Manager Screenshot 1
  • Download Manager APK 4.95 latest Version

    • keyboard reviews of Apps open issue fixed
  • best download app ever! No problem with this app at all. Works every time I use it.

Download Manager APK

Developer: Renkmobil more Version: 4.95 condition: varies with device price: free


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