How to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance Rates

How to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance Rates

Auto Insurance Rates

Here are some tips to save money on Auto insurance rates:

1. Install Anti-Theft Devices  
Insurance companies often offer discounts of up to 20 percent for drivers who limit their car s appeal to thieves by installing anti-theft devices.

2. Watch Your Credit Report  
If you establish and maintain a good credit history, you will be contributing to lower auto insurance quotes. To keep your credit in good standing, pay your bills on time, don t obtain more credit than you need, and keep your balances low.

3. Ask for Discounts  
If you belong to a business association, are retired, are a student who earns good grades or takes driver s education classes, you could be eligible for a better car insurance quote. You may also obtain discounts if you have not had any accidents or moving violations for several years.

4. Consider Higher Deductibles  
Simply put, deductibles are what you pay if you're in an accident, before your insurance kicks in. If you ask for higher deductibles, you could significantly lower your auto insurance rate.

5. Ask about Group Insurance  
Ask if you can buy your auto insurance through your employer. Some employers even offer a discount for switching. Your car insurance rate may also benefit from group insurance discounts through professional associations, alumni or business groups.

6. Reduce Coverage on Older Cars  
If you have an older vehicle that is worth less than 10 times the premium, you should consider dropping collision and/or comprehensive coverage for a better auto insurance quote. Banks and auto dealers can help you establish the value of your vehicle(s).

7. Buy Homeowners and Auto Insurance Together  
Many insurance companies will offer you a lower auto insurance rate if you buy two or more types of insurance together. You should shop around though, as you might get a better auto insurance rate when buying your coverages from different insurance companies as compared to a multi-policy discount.

8. Reduce Your Daily Driving
If you can lower the number of miles you put on your car yearly, some insurance companies will reward you with a lower car insurance quote. This is because the more you drive, the greater the risk that you will have an accident. An easy way to reduce your yearly mileage is to car pool to work.

9. Shop Online for the best Auto Insurance Rate  
A really easy way to reduce the amount you pay for your premiums is to shop online for car insurance quotes. We can really help you to do this. Through a simple and friendly interface, you can get free online auto insurance quotes from many of the top insurance companies.

10. Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online Before Buying Your Next Car  
Before you rush out and buy that new car that you ve had your eye on, it makes sense to quickly compare online auto insurance quotes. When insurance companies calculate what they will charge you, they are assessing car related factors like: The cost to repair it, the car s sticker price, the safety record, and the likelihood of theft. In order to lower your insurance quote, you may want to compare insurance rates for several different but similar makes and models to insure that the one you have your eye on is not outrageously expensive to insure relative to something quite similar.


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