Oddwings escape APK 1.5.1

Oddwings escape APK 1.5.1
  • the APK to escape last Oddwings was released, then download version 1.5.1 for your Android. Waddle! Waddle! Give way to the duck genetically modified, mutant to embark on his adventure in the escape of Oddwings for Android. Basically, you play as duck, fly around in one nice universe, collect coins and hearts, avoid the bombs and try to fly as far as you can. Published by little giant games for the iPad format, this platform game can be an addictive choice to help players to spend some time. As its implications holders, players would play as the Oddwings here, which is actually a mutant duck. The game itself is pretty much has this casual, fun atmosphere that can keep the flow of interesting gameplay through and through, especially if the kind of platform is your favorite game.

    so as we mentioned above, you will have the chance to play as the mutant duck which has a capacity of self-driving. You drag your finger around the section located at the bottom of the game screen and move the game you progressed through all levels and provided obstacle. Controls of the game are quite well suited you can upgrade to another type of avian flight with each piece you have gathered. More it is upgraded, the better.

    there are a number of levels in the escape of the Oddwings, and you need to get keys in order to unlock the challenge scene. By getting after the endless sections, you could catch the challenge very well. Always interesting challenge, you might be hooked by this game for some time. However, the end result of this game is not particularly satisfactory, although they are also reasonably not offensive. There is always something to do in the game which can keep your eyes glued to the screen for hours, or even days if you're really dedicated to all stages of compensation during your free time.

    characteristics of escape Oddwings 1.5.1 APK for Android
    • Unique physics basic flight adventure
    • Discover secret paths and avoid risks delicate
    • multiplayer action! -Participate and fly with friends even without an internet connection permanent
    • bust best friends scores to get extra rewards
    • unlock all the weird Oddwings with different special powers, such as the speed Boost and teleport
    • , any new order single key mocks great flight!
    • free to play
    Oddwings Escape Screenshot 1
  • Oddwings escape APK 1.5.1 latest Version

    • devices with little mΘmoire GPU problems
    • fixed startup fixed some random blocks
  • Apps comments

    very good. The system to steal a single key is good, but I find that I continue to have need to reset my spot cause is, I tend to slide off the screen to try to get more speed.

Oddwings Escape APK

Developer: little giant games Version: 1.5.1 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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