Rhapsody Music Player APK

Rhapsody Music Player APK
  • download Rhapsody Music Player APK for Android if you really love music. With this music from Rhapsody Player, you are able to access to all types and type your favorite anytime singer. This application allows you to access the courses that songs popular 11 millions, you can download them, create your own playlist and the best part of it, and you can play your playlist without using internet access. We can listen to our favorite music while you run another application in your phone for example, send SMS without worrying about your battery faster. The internet access use it only when you access streaming music. This Rhapsody is great music app you need to have your Android devices to access and store your favorite music.

    explores their has great as children, who do you kid became the DJ at their favorite and popular music in their list of easy reading of children. You'll feel safe when you know that your music listening to kid that your parent has approved playlist and add your own music playlist when you want. Created especially for the child, this created with clear, simple interface and colorful music from rhapsody kid that make it more interesting for the children.

    music player with Rhapsody, you are able to find your music faster to browse their playlist. You can get their new release list, recommended list titles, genre, style, themes, atmospheres, travel, festival and many more categories to pick up. Sign in to your Rhapsody music account and get your great experience with your music. Download the free trial of 14 days with only $4.99 per month which presents you with free-add radio which makes you able to save your favorite song. Or, you can subscribe and pay $1 for the first 3 months and pay 9.99 $par month in the next period. You will be able to have unlimited access to their millions of song, download song, playlist and album and children have Rhapsody for Android music player.

    features of Rhapsody APK for Android music player
    • listen to any song you want, when you want
    • stream to your phone, the web, your car and home audio devices
    • download unlimited lists of reading and songs directly on your device to never miss a beat
    • Rhapsody KIDS - experience first streaming of music designed just for kids.
    • a lot more
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  • Rhapsody Music Player APK latest Version

    discover your musical game and new music too! We have updated the profile so now you can see how your musical tastes compares with each of your friends and other listeners. Looking from a friend's profile, you can listen to a dynamically created playlist based music the two of you like. And that's not all! You can also hear a different music each day based on your friends and similar listeners.

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    I love it how you can play the music offline, without forgetting the wide variety of artists and songs that he has to offer.

Rhapsody Music Player APK

Developer: Rhapsody International, Inc. Version: condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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