SW Battlefront companion APK 1.0.6

SW Battlefront companion APK 1.0.6
  • If you like to play something with your thought, you have to play SW Battlefront companion 1.0.6 for android APK. This game is the game of cards will need your thought make excellent strategy so that you can find the best way to defeat your enemy. There are a lot of players who have played this game and there are far too many who have been addicted to this game. Now, that things that are overshadowed by this game, let us know it. This Battlefront SW Companion is the game that will be so need your thought. You need strategies to defeat the enemy by making the cards that you've become a pawn hard.

    you will get many kinds of card which consists of Star Wars characters. You can make the card get more interesting by giving some customization of the appearance. Then, you can get even more wonderful when you must make better stats and becomes the strongest among all stakeholders. This game will certainly require an internet connection because you face other players in this game of SW Battlefront Companion. Your enemy is another player that they are other continents or regions.

    , you will certainly face many kinds of enemy too because they play with their own style and you will not be able to read their shots to play easily. It's the challenge that will make feel you so addicted with this game. This is the size that will allow you to acquire the companion of Battlefront SW for android. You will discover a new way of strategy game that will not let you get bored. You'll have to think more because you will be not possible to keep your rank well when you don't develop new thinking of strategy in this game.

    characteristics of SW Battlefront companion 1.0.6 APK for Android
    • order database
    • STATS & progress
    • STAR maps & BLASTERS
    • incoming TRANSMISSIONS
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  • SW Battlefront companion APK 1.0.6 latest Version

    Please use the companion of Star Wars Battlefront™™! This update contains a few fixes behind the scenes to keep your amazing experience.

  • apps comments

    this is a great little companion application/game. There is no store cash here, just fun little challenges. The team that designed the Galaxy Star Wars of Heroes could learn a lot from this game, see how this one is nothing more than a cash grab.

SW Battlefront Companion APK

Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Version: 1.0.6 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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