How to prevent our facebook account exposed to unwanted tag and disturb our privacy

How to Prevent Tag Facebook from others

Personal experience getting tag inappropriate, due account hacked facebook friends and create an account becomes automatically uploads pictures and tag all the men were in the friends have.

This experience may well you feel. Very annoying is not it? Let us discuss one by one step to prevent these illegal tags in

Preventive Measures Tag Facebook

1. Log on account
2. Kalau sudah masuk, klik pojok kanan pilih Privacy Check up > More Setting

Disable Tag Ilegal

3. Select the Timeline and Tagging
4. In the column thin Who can see on my timeline? select to ON for Review posts friends tag you in before they Appear on your timeline

5. In the column How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestion? select to ON for reviews people add tags to your own post before the page Appear on facebook

Disable Tag Ilegal 2

6. Congratulations, your facebook account already protected from tags that are not permitted by us.


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