Guitar Learning Tips placement and position

Guitar Learning Tips placement and position

Guitar Learning Tips for placement and position

Tips for learning guitar not only still on the technique and how to play guitar, but there are other things that are sometimes overlooked for a novice learning to play guitar is finger placement, positioning and the correct posture Although very influential in determining the comfort that you play the guitar, if you feel the comfortable, then you'll be pleased to learn guitar. Earlier, if deign please see Learn Guitar Basics for beginners is essential .

tips belajar gitar

learning guitar advice is important to familiarize yourself in the position of the body and the finger correctly while playing the guitar, it will help you play guitar. In this lesson, we will talk about a good position and correct your fingers on the box that is really important for a beginner.

Tips Learn Guitar

classical guitar Game vs rock

If you want to play classical guitar and then use this learning guitar tips that put the guitar on the same leg the hand is used to press the strings. As for the normal position is to put a guitar in the leg where the position of the hand plucking the strings. For example, a player with the right hand, this means placing your guitar on the right foot.

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learning the guitar tips will help you gain a better position to play with the technique of each, eg on technical fingerstyle classical guitar . But if you play rock or pop guitar using the classical position that I think looks strange.

Do not support the neck with his hands

Make sure your hands when you're on the neck does not become the base of the neck and make sure your neck of the guitar is stable when it is played. Indeed, when you play the guitar then certainly your fingers are always moving when switching chords, and if the hand is also used for riveting neck and it will be a burden on the hands so that fingers can not move freely. Therefore, please keep these tips to learn the guitar is to make you comfortable playing the guitar string.

fingers when pressing the strings

tips belajar gitar

too press the strings make some notes may sound louder, and it will make the chord you are playing sound a bit strange, then you really need to pay attention to her.

Try pressing the light strings, but all the pressure perfectly, it will all clear sounded notes and the volume is the same. Then when you want to pass the rope, move your finger away from the hoop or try to get your fingers touch the strings when changing chords. By tips on learning the guitar on it and the chord you play will sound cleaner.

The thumb placement

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Try thumb positioned behind the neck when you play a chord. Although in some guitar playing techniques, thumb occasionally positioned next to the neck, but as a beginner try to stay in the back of the neck. Tips on learning the guitar will help develop the muscles of the fingers you need to play a key hanging, please refer to how to play a suspended key here How to Play Guitar Hanging Key in 3 days .

Keep your nails short to keep

to be able to play the guitar well, so you should always keep your nails short stay. If your nails are long so it will block the nails of your fingers on the handle so that when it is used to play the chords sound becomes clean. To press the strings, you must use your finger on each note or string so the sound will be louder and easier to play. Therefore, always pay attention to tips on learning the guitar is.

does not interfere with his other strings

Most beginners when playing chords open or open chords, they are sometimes wrong position the fingers are not used in such a so that the finger disturbing other channels, eg channels first be sounded. It was certainly very disturbing chords you play, the tone becomes lengkap.Sebagai beginner, you should avoid it. Perhaps you also have a problem about what makes the strings do not beep and also inhibits the speed of change that you play the guitar chord. Tips for learning guitar Unuk avoid this is by placing a finger that you do not use much above the handle. By placing the handle, it also helps when you string change so that it becomes easier and faster.

Those are some tips to learn guitar for finger placement and body position while playing the guitar properly. With attention and do it perfectly, and in addition, you will be more comfortable to play guitar will also facilitate and improve your guitar playing. Similarly, learning guitar tips can help

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