How to Play Guitar Cable Lock In 3 Days Instant Memorized #Seri 4

How to Play Guitar Cable Lock In 3 Days Instant Memorized #Seri 4

How to Play Guitar Cable Lock In 3 Days Instant Memorized #Seri 4

Active game key guitar hanging it was very easy. Using this method, if you make the maximum effort, it is impossible within three days you are able to master all the key suspension. How to play the guitar using this cable lock is highly sought after by beginners who are learning. Lock hanging is quite difficult to master perfectly, because you have flexible and strong fingers pressing the strings so that the sound is not the key. Well, this trick is the third installment of a series that we already share that you can learn everything in Learning Series Guitar .

Various defined keys hanging with the basic keys that produced tones. guitar hanging lock produces a sound that is more ngebass or hot while the basic key, the tone of voice is clear. This key is also very suitable when used on distorting electric guitar. If you already know and smooth, your guitar will be more varied, but it is also a key hanging can help us change the agreement. Before a key pendant must have mastered the basic key, if you do not have it smooth then you can read the trick Key Learning Basic Guitar With Magic Trick .

guitar keys

cara main gitar
for how to play guitar using a key hanging, look at the picture above. For the first, you have to memorize the location or position in the chain number of tones 5 and 6 only. Yes, that's all you have to memorize. Indeed, the two chains, it becomes your reference when playing a guitar hook key. Focus on a day to remember the location of the same tone not until you have memorized one day, if it is then you can go to the next step.
Once you memorize all, the next step is the formation of the key to use your fingers. The key pendants core, the tip of your index finger is to be the reference key you play, see the following table Previous see: .. A quick way to learn the guitar for beginners who informed the technical

How to play guitar

Strings No. 6 as reference

This is an image to form a key G. index based on the entire string, middle finger the channel number 3, the ring finger on channels 5 and a finger on the strings 4. Try to remember, the key of G is at number 6 strings (currently I do not use the string the number 5 as a reference). Note the index image, the tip is pressing strings on the fret number 6-3, it is the tone G that you have already stored. Well for toning A look at the image below.

You only need to lose the shape of your fingers just like hanging keys G just moved to the tip of index finger to press the fret number 6 strings 5 (tone A). So keep the channel number 6. Now for the minor key, look at the image below.

Am That's the key, with the key difference is a final middle finger that was used to press the number of channels 3, the minor is released so that the number of channels 3 simultaneously with the index that placing a fence. And so on for all minor keys on a channel number 6.
Pola form all major and minor for strings that number 6 (basic tone) standard:
cara main gitar
cara bermain gitar

Channel number 5 as reference

image above is an essential form of hanging D . the index based on the entire string, middle finger to close the six channels that are not rings, ring finger and little finger on the fourth string on the strings 3. in fact, the key is my little modification install and easy to beginners. In the original key chain should 2, 3 and 4 is pressed three fingers. But it might be hard to do a beginner and also chains sometimes causing the number 6 will join key readings. Therefore, I changed the middle finger to close the channel number 6 so he would not turn off and quite easy to do a beginner.
Note the drawing, the tip of the index is pressing the string to the number of band 5 5. Try to remember again, fret chords number 5-5 is filled thine D. Well, as chains last 6 number, which has become the reference point is the tip of the index. To change the lock on the reference numerals 5 strings in the same way as before. You only need to change the location of the tip of the index, but the shape remains. Regarding minor keys see figure below.

The above is the key to Dm, there is an essential difference with the D. That's right, the middle finger is used to press the number strings 2.
Template form of all major and minor chords for strings reference number 5:
cara main gitar
cara bermain gitar
to accelerate the locks hanging learning process, you can also read tips that I have shared before how to learn acoustic guitar with the Quick method .

Regular exercise is the key for you to master the key hanging, how to play the guitar will add variety to their learning your guitar to play, you'll also be varied, futures tutorials and other tips. Up here, first in the key guitar hanging, good practice diligently

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