How to Play Guitar Complete Guide From A - Z

How to Play Guitar Complete Guide From A - Z

How To Play Guitar Complete Guide from A - Z

Many beginners who want to know guidelines play guitar and how to play guitar quickly. Therefore, in this article, I will summarize all the guides learn the guitar from beginning to end, but only for a beginner level course, so I will not discuss advanced. You can also learn how to start learning the guitar as an autodidact. Here's a guide:

How To Play Guitar

1. Holding the guitar properly

panduan bermain gitar

Before you can master how to play the guitar properly, make sure that you understand guide to play guitar on it that you need to hold the guitar properly. First, the position of the hands are used to picking or scratching, the exact position is by pinching the guitar hole located between the bridge or saddle rather that is halfway between the neck with a bridge. Then, the second is the position of the hand is used to press the strings, the exact position is to put a thumb on the side of the neck if you use open and thumb agreements are behind the neck if you play a key hanging .

2. Tune or tune a guitar

This is a way to play the guitar you need to master, because it will not be comfortable when you play the guitar without good channel setting. By setting you on a regular basis will also be familiar with his notes on each string so that you can feel if it happens setting changes later. I have given advice to adjust the guitar playing guitar on 4 ways to adjust quickly and accurately Guitar . You must also know the name of each top chain chain rope to the bottom (thick string thinnest string) named E, A, D, G, B and E (the tone is that when you open hard string or without pressing the strings.

3. Learn the basis of agreements

chord is a collection of tones usually in a chord of three notes or tones. to start playing guitar, there are two types of guitar chords are the basic key, and key hanging. Chord of this nature can be played with the position of open strings and only need three of your fingers to press, guide certainly play the guitar is the easiest for beginners. main basis of agreements commonly used by beginners is major, major, major, E major, D major. After that, you can learn the other agreements as minor. for the basis of agreements, there is a lot I discussed earlier in Guitar Basics Figure Key Required essential beginners .

4. Mechanical strumming technical basis

or menggenjreng strumming is downhill and upstroke that can be combined in various combinations. For beginners who are learning to play guitar, this technique must be mastered, because it requires a strumming guitar playing right to accompany a song. Free play guitar these techniques exist in the previous article Basic Strumming Technique Playing Guitar . For beginners should practice strumming without a key in advance, if gently simply learn to use basic key that easy.

5. Read key Pendant

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hanging Lock or barre chords is very useful to play the song. In this coupling lock, place your index finger on the fret is pressed all the strings so that the necessary strength in your fingers. For those learning how to play guitar, this lock is very difficult to control, but over time you will certainly be able to master. If you have mastered the key hanging then certainly, you will be much easier to play the guitar. Indeed, the movement is very easy to say just about moving up or down only to change the agreements. The key to this suspension has more bass sound character and suitable for use in an electric guitar using distortion effects. If you want a guide how to play guitar hanging locks, please click How To Play Guitar Cable Lock in 3 days .

6. Learn to play a simple song

There is much more fun to learn to play guitar when you learn to play the songs you like and consists of a rope simple rope. You can choose many songs are there for you to use as a guitar practice, the simplest song that uses a standard progressions and basic tone not = C so that the key used is always the basis of such key G, C, D, A and E. These guides can learn to play guitar in Learn to play guitar with fast . Once you master the easy songs then you can search for other songs are more difficult so that your abilities increase.

7. Learning Techniques Excerpts

One technique that can make your guitar playing more varied and cool the passage of the art. This technique is also called fingerpicking technique, commonly used on acoustic guitar. Learning to play guitar technique is also not too difficult, it just takes precision and coordination between the fingers on your hands. Free technical guitar playing can be played right on Learn to Picking Acoustic Guitar for Beginners .

8. Mastering how to read guitar tablature

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The guitar has its own system of musical notation called guitar tab or guitar tablature. Basically, this guitar tab consists of horizontal lines with numbers 6 (standard guitar) and sixth lines represent stiap original strings on the guitar. Guitar tab gives you instructions on the string and fret how are you going to pluck the strings, and the techniques used at the time of harvest. For beginners how to play the guitar especially do not know, it is because the tab is mainly used for a more advanced level, eg a guitar solo fingerpicking or model. Free to play guitar how to read tab please click How to Read Guitar Tab for beginners .

9. Learn from others

How to play guitar is best to learn by seeing, listening and imitating the techniques of others. You do not have to follow a thin or guide for playing the guitar, but only with your friends to play guitar together and share tips can be a source of lessons were great and helpful.

Free to Play Guitar Tips for those who learn how to play guitar chords that do not give if you play does not seem perfect. With your strength training fingers and continue this practice will improve your ability. If you have difficulties to establish the shape of key guitar, the best way is to do finger exercises to strengthen the muscles of your fingers and your fingers get used to the guitar. These are some guidelines that you can use as a base if you want to learn to play guitar. Similarly, the guidelines on how to play the guitar can be useful

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