How to Play Guitar Method Storing All Chord quickly

How to Play Guitar Method Storing All Chord quickly

How To Play Guitar Method All Chord Memory With fast

How to play guitar to start, save agreement chord on the guitar is the main thing that allows them to play popular songs have even started writing his own songs. In this article, we will see a simple method that you can use to store many key guitar in the shortest time possible for beginners learning to play guitar. Earlier if you want to read the previous article, namely Price Guitar Tuner cheaper and accurate .

method of how to play guitar I divide it into three parts to help you learn the chords in three different ways. By separating the process into three parts, then we can really focus on one part of it and it will be easier than learning everything at once (takes more time and more effort). To be able to easily master how to play guitar chord guitar store, spend 10 minutes each day to practice how to play guitar

How to play the guitar.

STEP 1: NAME CHORD (for 3 min)

The purpose of the first step, how to play guitar is to help you remember the names of the chords and form. So if a song using a rope Am for example, your brain will be able to immediately recall the names and match them to form agreement.
belajar bermain gitar
In step how to play the first guitar you can do with seeing an agreement (names and forms) for a few seconds, then save it in the memory of your brain. After that you need to focus on how the chord shapes. Is this way on another agreement for 3-4 minutes. By way of playing the guitar, will naturally accelerate your brain to memorize each agreement. This method may not need to use a guitar so you can do it wherever you are when you make a diagram or a rope image

STEP 2 :. CHORD POSITION (3 minutes)

purpose of the step so the guitar The second game is to help your fingers to memorize the position of the rope on the handle. Do not rush when you try to practice all the agreements. Make sure everything is done perfectly so that the result will be maximized.

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To learn how the two play guitar requires a real guitar so you can prepare first. After completing the first step, you will do this step, you need to pinpoint the position is agreement as soon as you saved in step 1. If you are still confused and do not remember much of the form and position, do not worry because you can continue to the next deal. If you practice every day, you will automatically be stored.
Indeed, if you are just learning to play the guitar, it would be difficult to do. But no matter, because it is a process to make progress to play the guitar yourself. This step requires a lot of time, so you must be patient and calm. If you continue to practice hard every day routine, then you will be able to access


The purpose of step how to play the guitar it is to help you learn to change between a guitar chord. Please note that this step is a little harder than the previous two steps for people who are just learning to play guitar.
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After completing step how to play guitar 2, then you can skip to step 3 of this. You can start with a chord sequence you learned previously. Maybe start of the agreement, then you can put your finger on the position of the cord A. After that, you can start picking or strumming do (if you are unfamiliar please read Basic strumming Technique Playing Guitar ), then change to the following example Am chord forms, and so on.
again, if you're just starting to learn to play guitar, you can probably skip this step in advance in the first few weeks until you are able to support and the ropes. You can perform steps 1 and 2 first. Then you can continue to step 3 when you're ready.


Maybe you feel 10 minutes is not enough to practice the method of how to play the guitar and you can increase the portion of his time. However, try not to desire a long training session at a time. In other words, do not practice the way the method brmain this guitar for more than 15 minutes in one workout. It aims to make you desperate to learn all the chords in 10 minutes. Alternatively, if you are feeling less then you can rest in advance, for example 1 hour and repeat this exercise for 10 minutes.
It is very important to divide the practice of how to play guitar becomes very short sessions rather than spend a lot of time still only done once. With a short training session but you do more of it, it gives our brain time to think about what we have done, store the rope, name, shape and position of the finger. Therefore, changing your mind to practice the guitar for a long time but once. Best practice in a short period of time, but often do. A little about how to play the method of memorizing guitar chord can be useful

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