How to Read Guitar Tab For Beginners #Seri 13

How to Read Guitar Tab For Beginners #Seri 13

How to Read Guitar Tab For Beginners #Seri 13

In learning guitar, master how to read guitar tablature is a very important thing. Maybe for beginners have never known what it was tab. Tab or tablature is a guide who can tell you which string and fret all you have to play some song titles. Tab mostly used to guide the guitar chords for beginners and also to guide the melody or for those who want to find a melodic guitar on some songs. How to read guitar tabs is easy even once read that, you are able to master it. This article is a continuation of the learning series guitar that you can see here COLLECTION SERIES LEARN GUITAR .

cara membaca tab gitar

How to Read Guitar Tab

guitar usually has six strings (although there are seven-string and 12-string guitar as well, but will not discussed because we are going to discuss the most basic). The first thing you need to know is the name of each of the six strings. At the top there are the thickest strings, it is called a channel 6 or channel E because it has no E on the state of open strings. The next application channels namely the chains of 5 or more strings A string under them is a string 4 or D 3 or G-string, the string 2 or B and 1 or E string (thin string). Channels 1 and 6 both have the same notes as E. If you want to know how to read guitar tabs, it is important for you to know in theory how to play the right guitar.

Now that its application in guitar tab. Tab consists of a collection of images as a sort of horizontal lines that represent each of the strings on the guitar. If you've never seen the guitar tab, because this form:

cara bermain gitar

In the image of this tab I need write the name of each channel (in the form of notes for each string open string) on ​​the left, sometimes on multiple tabs out there who write it. Therefore, you should already know the names of the strings, it was time to learn to read guitar tabs. You have to consider soon is the number of channels, the tab is reversed with many strings on the guitar. The strings on the guitar number 6 which was on the top, on the tab at the bottom while the first string and vice versa.

above is a tab to the state of open or nothing is pressed chain. The next thing that is on the guitar tab is a number on the number line. This is the main thing that must be mastered if you learn to read guitar tabs. The numbers on the lines representing a guitar fret. If the number 1, then it means that the box 1, number 2 means hoop 2, number 0 means an open string, and so on, but depending on what channels the number is .. For example:

belajar gitar

A guitar tab reads from left to right when reading normal. If we look at the example above, then you must play is on the D string to fret 0, G string on the second fret, third string and the fret and the next. Not only played one by one, the tab can also be played several strings at once. An example is a guitar chord, below is a picture of a guitar string D using tabs.

cara membaca tab gitar

For those of you who are learning to read guitar tabs may wonder how to read it because it's different tabs above. The difference is that in this tab is a parallel or equal number, it means that you have to play all the strings that contained the numbers together is menggenjreng / strumming. The diagram above is a key D, the same as when you learn the guitar without the tab key as in the previous article Figure Key Guitar Starter basic compulsory controlled . Markings on the X tab indicates that the string is not played. May mean that you will pinch the strings. It is essential to master if you want to read guitar tabs correctly.

Now that more detail is special symbols used in tabs (mostly used the melody of guitar tablature or lead guitar), these symbols indicate techniques should be used when plucking the strings, but for beginners who are learning to read guitar tabs, much less learn to play guitar again, this symbol does not need to use as it is only for technical guitar solos are already competent. Here is an example of the symbol:

p = remove
h = hammer on
= slide (down)
b = string bend
/ = slide (up)
~ = vibrato string

the use of these symbols on the tabs:

cara bermain gitar

you do not have to master how to read guitar tablature is if you just want to use it to read the agreement. strings on D Block 9 is played, then you see the number 9:11. This means you have to press the strings on D 9th fret, and using the technique of "hammer" to fret 11. Then we see 11p9, then press the D string at fret 11 and then "pull -off "the box 9. in addition, there is a 11/12, this means that you press the strings D fret 11, then" slide "your finger to fret 12.

in this article I will only discuss how to read guitar tabs, techniques such techniques still, I'll discuss in this article because it is a technique that has been tried to play guitar. By understanding the fundamental basis of the above, then you will be easy to learn guitar tab and learn guitar chords as in the previous article How to Know Guitar Basic Locks Faster . Similarly, guide on how to read guitar tablature hopefully help articles

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