Key Basic Ukulele for complete beginners

Key Basic Ukulele for complete beginners

key Ukulele Basics for complete beginners key

basic ukulele for beginners - Before introducing some of the most fundamental key ukulele to a close friend at home, we present a small magazine on one of musical instruments that are precise and almost the same with this guitar that membedaknya generally is in terms of size alone.

Historically this instrument was discovered by friends to Hawaii in 1879, where the original language of this Ukulele itself is defined by fleas people there. I do not know until 1880 neh in Indonesia and of course also a fan of this Ukulele most proliferated, including for those who love the world of guitar music. Ok, for those of you who first alias beginners with Ukulele then we present the following discussion of Key Basic Ukulele for Beginners you need to know, of course, because that's the main thing you learn if you want to play this instrument.

lock the Ukulele base consists of several parts, including the main key DEFG CBA
minor and the key 7. Ok, simply fill in the following key basic ukulele key that you can read and learn later.

ukulele key base for beginners

lock the mayor

we'll start with the major key. This key consists of 7 different
namely: CDEFGAB (Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si) between 7 agreement
The most used is the ACDEF key while key G and B
is rarely used in a song. harder Chord is
agreements / key of E, but the key is quite widely used in some
songs, good songs Western and local songs / Indonesia

Below is a key. Image of chart ukulele:

kunci mayor ukulele
Fig key ukulele A, B, C, D, E, F, G major

minor lock

after major key is a minor. These keys are also many
used in most songs. without this key atmosphere of the song will be felt
tasteless, because it is very important to study the minor key. Printing
the minor tone is emphatic, and was impressed
emotional / angry / excited. Some minor that
The most common is the key Am, Dm and Em. For images
details, please see below.
kunci ukulele
Fig key ukulele Am, Bm, Cm, Dm, Em, Fm, G minor
lock 7
Perhaps the
is still underestimated for ukulele connoisseurs
amateur, but the real key is also instrumental in a wide range of
play ukulele. This seventh chord has a difficulty level that are not
is too high or almost easy. but it applies to certain
keys such as the A7 and C7 keys, unlike the case with the F7 key. Immediately below is a diagram image button 7 ukulele.
chord 7 ukulele
key figure ukulele A7, B7, C7, D7, E7, F7, G7

Yep well for neh beginners key base Ukulele above you will know and remember the lesson. And just like learning the guitar where when you have memorized the basic kuncu then the smell, engineering, lick, tablature, scales that are closely related to the ukulele will be easily studied in the coming days. Congratulations to you and learn terimkasih already stopped this blog I hope you can be a young child who is always smart in playing music.

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